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Another New Donation from Nastyman!
News posted 5th September, 2007 by Rikus  
Thanks to Nastyman we got another donation in today!!

He just keeps on giving and we do appreciate it. Thank you kind sir. Lets put our hands together again for Nastyman!

Posted by Flava 5th September, 2007

Thank you very much Nastyman!
Posted by alastair john jack 5th September, 2007

Really appreciate it you nasty man you!
Posted by Jake G 5th September, 2007

yay nastiness
Posted by Jake G 5th September, 2007

yay nastiness
Posted by Phredreeke 5th September, 2007

How much did he donate this time?

And I still don't see his name on the donations page:
Posted by Reno 5th September, 2007

yay nasty!
Posted by DaVince 5th September, 2007

Geez Nastyman, you rock.

Hey I was wondering I could donate through my bank account. But I live in Europe and my money is limited to there, so...
Posted by Tim 5th September, 2007

Posted by axel 5th September, 2007

Go, Nasty!
Posted by -Liam- 5th September, 2007

Hooray for Nastym-n!
Posted by Clubsoft 5th September, 2007

Donations page is out of date unfortunately, Im going to put a new one up soon
Posted by Ski 5th September, 2007

Nastyman needs a special dedication page or something Or donation king badge.
Posted by Matt Boothman 5th September, 2007

I'm starting to get worried about Nastyman, seriously.
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 5th September, 2007

let's put our hands together for this one!
Posted by eyeangle 5th September, 2007

Who is this guy? He's starting to get freaky.
Posted by LIJI 5th September, 2007

I got his idea now.
He's doing his donation in parts so he gets more news posts.
Clever Nastyman, Very clever.
Posted by Attan 5th September, 2007

I thank you with all my thankingskills!
Posted by Yai7 5th September, 2007

Well, My card will expire on the 10'th, I'll have to give back everything for what you made out here... See I wish I could buy MMF2 with my Credit Card, but it denied my transection...

I only have a life time to exposure myself that... You see, I lately not making so many games, and I thought to devote that way + world conquiring is benifitial, I could rape young girls and people won't say anything, I could take over this site's percentages ownerships, and best of all, I will find solution or a cure for Cancer! People will surf this site FOREVER, and won't have time to buy cigarrates anymore!!!

MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Whos'e comming next?!?
Posted by JayTholen 5th September, 2007

Nastyman is the best DJ in town.
Posted by Tim 5th September, 2007

Nastyman is the badest boy in town.
Posted by JayTholen 5th September, 2007

They are gay. Nastyman, you are awesome.
Posted by Matt Boothman 5th September, 2007

I haven't understood anything Nastyman says for the last three years.

I think American cash dollars are universal though, thanks Nistymon.
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 5th September, 2007

Yair, you rock!
Posted by Tim 5th September, 2007

By bad I mean awesome
Posted by Bibin 5th September, 2007

You reused my donation picture! Also, neither Nastyman's nor my name are on the donations page.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 6th September, 2007

You need a chick to spend it on, Nastyman. Thanks, though. The DC is alive.
Posted by Tim 6th September, 2007

... How much was the donation anyways? It could be 10p or something :\
Posted by DaVince 7th September, 2007

Big enough to make a news post about it.


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