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CC '07 Footage
News posted 5th September, 2007 by The Chris Street  
I've uploaded some footage to YouTube in regards to the Click Convention that took place this year.

So far you can see Francois on MMF2's Java runtime, Paul Boland on the early stages of his game Shooting Stars 2, Jason Darby on introducing the convention and Sphax demonstrating some of his extentions in a small portion extracted from a much bigger video.

  • Click here for the forum thread at Clickteam
  • Click here to view Jason Darby kicking off the convention
  • Click here to view Francois on Java Runtime
  • Click here to view Paul Boland on Shooting Stars 2
  • Click here to view Sphax on some of his brilliant upcoming extentions

  • Posted by Reno 5th September, 2007

    OMG! Java + MMF2?! (wanks)

    Ive been away from clicking a bit so this is amazing new news to me
    Posted by DaVince 5th September, 2007

    Is there a reason you specifically linked to LIJI's post? lol
    Posted by X_Sheep 5th September, 2007

    It's his 500th post on CT
    Posted by The Chris Street 5th September, 2007

    My bad, sorry. Fixed now.
    Posted by Tim 5th September, 2007

    Posted by axel 5th September, 2007

    I thought the Java runtime would be slow and bloaty, but it actually looks quite smooth! And omg, Gracillis V!
    Posted by The Chris Street 5th September, 2007

    I'm now on Tape 5 of 6.
    Posted by Ski 5th September, 2007

    Posted by Rikus 6th September, 2007

    Nice videos! I added a picture to the front page, make it look purdy
    Posted by DaVince 6th September, 2007

    Oh yeah, and it's François.
    Posted by DaVince 6th September, 2007

    And pieces.
    Posted by Calhoun 6th September, 2007

    I miss :~
    Posted by DaVince 15th September, 2007



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