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Brand New: Flame Object
News posted 12th September, 2007 by Rikus  
When i was reading the description of Kisguri's latest object i smiled, and i have not been able to stop smiling since! The ultra cool Flame object is here!! And folks, it rocks! Check the description and be amazed, what a great couple of weeks it has been for clicking. I can't wait for someone to take full advantage of this object in any upcoming game.

Comments from the author: With the Flame Object you can now create awesome looking effects in your Multimedia Fusion 2 app with ease. Create Flames, Fireballs, Waterfalls, Shimmering Light, Plasma, Scanner Lines, Smoke and more with this powerful object and some of your imagination! Flame Object comes complete with a Gradient Maker and a full library of pre-made effects to drop into your app!

Click here to download the object and read its reviews.

Posted by Billiam 13th September, 2007


...I don't have MMF2.
Posted by LIJI 13th September, 2007

"As seen on the convention!"
Posted by Willy C 13th September, 2007

I believe gamesare where selling this object before. But I suppose now that Kisguri is heired by clickteam he is giving it out for free! And it looks awesome!
Posted by -Liam- 13th September, 2007

Looks great! I hope it is easy to use!
Posted by Ski 13th September, 2007

Yeah, anyway.

Im no coder but I will try and learn to use this, could come in handy
Posted by Del Duio 13th September, 2007

He's been heired by clickteam, Phizzy.

That means when the big man bites it, Kisguri will inherit millions and millions off MMF moolah.
Posted by alastair john jack 13th September, 2007

and then Clickteam can make their products cost more!
Posted by Jenswa 15th September, 2007

Pretty neat extension.
Posted by Steve Harris 15th September, 2007

Nice stuff. Thanks for sharing Chris.


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