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New Engine: Wings
News posted 20th September, 2007 by Rikus  
Wow, look at that Claudio made this very well made 3d engine in mmf 1. This might have taken him a while to create but the results are outstanding!

Comments from the author: It's the basic engine for a Flight Simulator. Just real-time 3d: it uses both the standar 3d Object and the Mode 7 extention by Cellosoft. I wanna show that even the old Multimedia Fusion is good enough for simple 3d programs. I did myself all the graphics (texture, 3d objects, toon) and code. Let me know what you think about it.
Click here to download the engine and read its reviews.

Posted by axel 20th September, 2007

Awesome stuff.

But the problem with Mode7 is that it's too damn slow to do anything good with it, unless you're using super lo-res textures and no effects. It's gonna be interesting to see what Mode7's gonna be like with HWA though. We might even see some proper 3D games in the future.
Posted by Fanotherpg 20th September, 2007

Better is Klik Open GL with models.
Posted by LIJI 20th September, 2007

MMF3D is told to be out in the next year on the one after it. (Depends what comes first, MMF3 or MMF3D.)
Posted by axel 21st September, 2007

KlikOpenGL is even worse when it comes to speed, if you ask me, and it uses a dodgy format for the models (not to mention the polygon limit and that). KlikOpenGL and Mode7 are both generally quite limited.

So are they actually making an MMF3D, or is it just another one of those rumors?


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