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Community News: Circy And Muz 5 year Anniversary!
News posted 22nd September, 2007 by Rikus  
Soo actually it was October 19th 2002 when both Circy (Chris) and Muz got hired to be the new Daily Click Admins! Shen was in there to but he left. So in that case lets give both Chris and Muz some big congrats on surviving and still taking care of the site after all these years!

Comments from the original 2002 news post: Well, I've finally gone through the 68 DC mails I received after announcing that we will be selecting a couple of people to become admins, and selected 3 from a list which obviously consisted of very talented and worthy people. But, like I said, there was a huge number of people who deserved the position, but alas not everyone can be made an editor. So, without further ado, the new editors for The Daily Click are Circy, Muz, and Shen!
Click here to go to the full 2002 news post.

Posted by alastair john jack 22nd September, 2007

Happy birthday! You work has been appreciated!
Posted by Flava 22nd September, 2007

Happy 5 year anniversary!!
Posted by Tim 22nd September, 2007

Posted by Aptennap 22nd September, 2007

Happy anniversary!
Posted by Klikmaster 22nd September, 2007

I was around then
Posted by Del Duio 22nd September, 2007

shen is the one with the fast internet i believe. thats also how i believe he became editor.

Democracy at its finest!

This was 3 years before my time here, but congratulations to Circy and Muz!!
Posted by alastair john jack 22nd September, 2007

Everyone with fast internet should be an admin!
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 22nd September, 2007

congrats guys!
Posted by AndyUK 22nd September, 2007

Here is to another 5 years!
Posted by The Chris Street 22nd September, 2007


Though its not quite an anniversary yet... it being September and all...
Posted by Tim 22nd September, 2007

I think Rikus forgot what month it was
Posted by ben mercer 22nd September, 2007

Circy and Muz got married?
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 22nd September, 2007

I smell another comic....
Posted by Phredreeke 22nd September, 2007

No thank you, I'd rather not do another "Circy gets married" story arc.
Posted by Peblo 22nd September, 2007

It's okay I'll explain it later!
Posted by Ricky 23rd September, 2007

why are phizzy's and peblo's avatars changing every couple of minutes?
Posted by Peblo 23rd September, 2007

That's not for another 3 arcs. Wait your turn!
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 23rd September, 2007

gratz guys! well done!
Posted by Shen 24th September, 2007

what the hell guys
my internet sucks
Posted by Muz 24th September, 2007

Yay, us
Posted by Liquixcat 26th September, 2007

Wow, 5 whole years. It's time like that you look back and realize how much life you've wasted.

I'm just kidding, gratz guyz
Posted by Muz 1st October, 2007

Wasted? Lol, there are worse things to waste your life on, like watching MTV all day or building robots that climb ropes . I do wonder what most of us would be doing if it wasn't for kliking..


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