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Small GOTW compo !!
News posted 6th October, 2007 by Rikus  
And the best idea this month goes to:Peblo! He started a forum topic where he is asking for folks to create a new game since no games where submitted this week (wow) Visit the forums for more info on the link below.

Comments from the author:Okay, no games have been submitted this week. So here's a small compo, with GOTW as a prize... Make a game before an admin gets around to doing GOTW tomorrow (might be today depending on where you live). Time limit: Dunno. Probably inbetween 3-20 hours. Theme: I don't care. Scoring: Thumbs After the games have all been submitted, all of TDC will have a chance to vote on which one gets the prize.
Click here to read the forum topic.

Posted by Ski 6th October, 2007

May as well just enter Nifflas's one hour comps
Posted by DaVince 6th October, 2007

lol, ok
Posted by Peblo 6th October, 2007

Wtf front page? This is unexpected!
The point is for there to be games for GOTW, not to make a game in a short amount of time.
Posted by Silveraura 6th October, 2007

Is this the first time this has happened? Or have I just not been on TDC as much as I used to...
Posted by Silveraura 6th October, 2007

The community is dieing!!1
Posted by Hayo 7th October, 2007

I have a game ready but I am not releasing it as long as the thumbs system is still there.
Posted by Ricky 8th October, 2007

are thumbs that bad? just ignore the thumbs, i like most of your games


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