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GOTW #256 - Necropolis Rising
News posted 21st October, 2007 by Broomie  

Topping the competition with 26 votes, Necropolis Rising by Del Duio won over it's two other entries in this week's GOTW. Coming in second with 5 votes was Pretty Tired Ninja by Hempuli and in last with only 1 vote was Fixed Steam which regardless of the poor position is actually a very good game and well worth a play. Congratulations to the winner though and again to everyone who entered.

Click here to download the GOTW

Again, not a huge choice but a good selection of games so them a go and make a decision on what you believe deserves GOTW. And in the meantime... keep making games!

This weeks entrants - Rolling Balls , diamenciarz and Final Vision

Posted by Dr. James MD 21st October, 2007

Broomie makes for a very diplomatic admin.
Posted by Tim 21st October, 2007

I diplomatically agree
Posted by Ski 21st October, 2007

; _ ; But I wanted to win GOTW
Posted by Tim 21st October, 2007

Where's Flava and his Weekly Click?
Posted by Phredreeke 22nd October, 2007

Congrats on GOTW hFF (assuming GOTW 1 is h00)
Posted by CsaR 22nd October, 2007

Hehe I got one whole vote .
And no I did not vote for myself
Posted by Pozik 22nd October, 2007

Del Duio grats!
Posted by Del Duio 22nd October, 2007

Yay, thanks everybody who voted!
Posted by LIJI 23rd October, 2007

"Where's Flava and his Weekly Click?"
Yes, The news page feels very empty without it.
Should I yell at Flava? It worked last time.
Posted by Tim 23rd October, 2007

Posted by LIJI 23rd October, 2007

Ok I'll yell at him as soon as I see him.
Posted by Tim 23rd October, 2007

I will too
Posted by LIJI 23rd October, 2007

Flava has been online 4 days ago...
He's probably away or he smashed his router.
Posted by Tim 25th October, 2007




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