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New Game: Spacefest
News posted 9th November, 2007 by Rikus  
Get ready folks for the next classic: Spacefest created thewreck is going to knock your socks wayyy off! This is a must download!

Comments from the author: Its a space shoot 'em up with a unique control style. Since it was created in such a short time, we only focused on making one level, trying to get it as fun as possible instead of making many boring ones.
Click here to download the game and read its reviews.

Also lets give our top reviewer Shroomlock a big hand! He wrote the following excellent reviews. Very well written Schroom! Here is a list of his latest reviews:
Click here to read the review written for Spacefest written by Shroomlock.
Puzzlebox. Gemfusion. Velocity Dodgeball. Zan-Zan: Episode Two. Plasma Warrior. And Timetravel Bloboid written by Shroomlock.

Posted by LIJI 9th November, 2007

I got your plan.
You want to put all GOTW entries except for mine on the front page so I will lose!
Posted by Jens Bergensten 9th November, 2007

Neatwares: Spacefest is a great game, give it some credit!

Maybe your "game" is censored by the Swedish conspiracy
Posted by LIJI 9th November, 2007

Gnome FTW.
Posted by DaVince 9th November, 2007

<!-- mwahahaha -->
Posted by Del Duio 9th November, 2007

And the thing is, that's not even all of his reviews either! That's good he's doing all of them, I wish more people would follow suit.

I also think that reviews done should be listed under a member's profile. It can't be that hard to do
Posted by MJK 9th November, 2007

It's great that someone has time, interest and capability to write reviews, because they are interesting to read (good content to the site).

Maybe there even could be an award of some sort? "Reviewer of the month"? These awards would be stored in user profiles. With the site structure supporting reviews in this way, the general amount of reviews would definitely grow and their quality would increase as well.

Also this would solve LIJI's problem. He could create "ROTM Generator" with front page coverage and win GOTW with it.
Posted by Del Duio 9th November, 2007

I like to write reviews personally. I've done 3 here so far but it does seem like they have largely dried up before the great Shroomlock resurgence of '07.

(That should be somewhere on the timeline too!)
Posted by LIJI 9th November, 2007

I love your brain, MJK.
Posted by alastair john jack 10th November, 2007

"going to KNOW your socks wayyy off!"

Posted by Rikus 10th November, 2007

Lol odd, must have been late
Posted by Muz 12th November, 2007

There was a time when we had a 'top reviews' page or so, a long, long time back. I actually wrote a few reviews to get there and I think a lot of people did too.


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