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GOTW #262 - Hasslevania: The Quest for Shuteye
News posted 2nd December, 2007 by Broomie  
Pushing everything out of it's sight, Del Duio's latest creation, Hasslevania: The Quest for Shuteye, completely dominates this week's GOTW with 45 votes. In joint second (and last) with 5 points each are Digger and Bounce Away. There can only be one winner and a big congratulations to Del Duio for winning this week's GOTW.

Click here to download the GOTW

This weeks entrants - DMFS Escape , Once in Space , Zan-Zan Episode 3: The Final Hattenation and Halloween House

Posted by Tim 2nd December, 2007

well done duio
Posted by Dr. James MD 2nd December, 2007

congrats on your GOTW Del Duio

Posted by Ski 2nd December, 2007

Posted by Dr. James MD 2nd December, 2007

and celebrations!
Posted by Josh Whelchel 2nd December, 2007

Once in Space should be the obvious choice here
Posted by Del Duio 2nd December, 2007

Thanks guys! I just updated my avatar for the occasion

I still take pride in the GOTW award and thanks to everybody who voted for Hasslevania!
Posted by Ski 2nd December, 2007


Yeah, I voted Once In Space
Posted by Ricky 2nd December, 2007

Once in space ftw
Posted by -Liam- 2nd December, 2007


I voted the wrong game in GOTW this time! Oh noes ;____;

... Well done Del Duio!
Posted by Dr. James MD 2nd December, 2007

I voted Zan Zan. I can see where OiS is going but I can't get used to the controls or movement. Where Galaxy, and even PixelTheifs engine is smooth to play OiC is just a little clunky.
Posted by Guru Rinpoche 2nd December, 2007

Gotta give it to OIS!
Posted by viva/volt 2nd December, 2007

This might be a close one
Posted by alastair john jack 3rd December, 2007

"This might be a close one!" ~ Ben
Posted by Pixelthief 3rd December, 2007

congrats and well-earned
Posted by nim 3rd December, 2007

Congratulations, Del Duio.

Once in Space reminds me more of another game called "And Yet it Moves" than Super Mario Galaxy, because the changes in gravity are locked to 90 angles.
Posted by nim 3rd December, 2007

It's a close GOTW this week
Halloween House is also great. It's not often we see well made top-down games here.


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