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New Game: Legacy of Flan 4: Flan Rising
News posted 18th January, 2008 by Flava  
A lot of you may be familiar with Flan games from Shroomlock. Well a new Flan game has just been released. Legacy of Flan 4: Flan Rising is the name of this game and if you haven't played one of Shroomlock's games before, then this would definately be a good place to start. The game took a while to download on my rubbish internet connection - but I'm sure you all have far better speeds than me..

Comments from the author: Something has crashed right in the middle of Flanville! Some say it was a meteor, some say it was a spacecraft. Whatever it was, it brought all kinds of nasty creepy crawlies with it, and King Flandoo has assembled a group of flan still wet-behind-the-ears to investigate!

Click here to download this game and read it's reviews

Posted by alastair john jack 15th January, 2008

I am glad this is finnaly posted.
Posted by Ski 18th January, 2008

Im still deciding whether to download it or not
Posted by alastair john jack 18th January, 2008

Who will review the reviewer's game.
Posted by Tim 19th January, 2008

GOT2W, lol.


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