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The Weekly Click #20
News posted 1st February, 2008 by Flava  
Hey, it's me again. The last time I did one of these was in September 2007. It really doesn't seem that long ago, but apparently it was. Anyway I hope to be bringing this thing back so that you can have the latest weekly news, every week in one easy-to-read segment! Here we go..

  • Mark Pay has released a nice looking video of the upcoming The Spirit Engine 2. It shows a battle between the player's characters and a few enemies. The battle actually lasts over three minutes, and it looks like a lot of fun (and quite challenging too). Click here to watch the new video

  • Fellow DC admin Chris Street has joined the Acoders team. I'm not quite sure what this means for Euphoric Rush, but he's definitely still working on Mr Stump's Dentures 2. Nice to see him apart of a great team such as Acoders though, and I'm sure he'll be a great member for them. Click here to read Chris' first post at the Acoders website

  • Johan Hargne of Crobasoft has just released a new game called The Yore. I remember seeing the engine for this here, however the game itself does not appear to have been submitted (hence why I'm telling you about it now!). It's an adventure/puzzle game and it certainly has a unique and creepy feeling to it - definitely worth checking out. Click here to visit Crobasoft and download this game

  • A brand new community site is here! It's called Fusion2Developers and I believe it was brought to us by Kisguri of Gamesare. The interesting thing about this site is that it appears to be catering those people who want to develop professional and commercial games with MMF. Check it out and register! Click here to visit Fusion2Developers

  • BrandonC has announced that Arcane Tale has been reinstated and now uses hardware acceleration. If you don't know what Arcane Tale is, then it's a very nice looking online RPG/platform game. Brandon has also posted some very nice looking screenshots on his project page. Now I have another game to add to my 'most-anticipated games' list. Click here to visit the Arcane Tale project page

  • That's pretty much all I have for this week. If you think there is something I've missed off, click here to send me a message and I'll add it to the post. You can also message me if there is something you think deserves to be posted in next week's post.

    Posted by Ski 1st February, 2008

    YAY! WB Weekly Click
    Posted by JohnsProgram 1st February, 2008

    the acoder's site is back up. try
    Posted by Flava 1st February, 2008

    Posted by Phredreeke 2nd February, 2008

    We love you Flava!!!
    Posted by Hempuli 2nd February, 2008

    we really do!
    Posted by AndyUK 2nd February, 2008

    The pixel art in The spirit engine 2 is just amazing.
    Posted by Flava 2nd February, 2008

    Agreed - the game looks awesome
    Posted by LIJI 3rd February, 2008



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