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TDC Competition Entrants
News posted 8th February, 2008 by The Chris Street  
Ok, another quick post, listing the competition entrants (but not the winners yet!) and their authors. Please note that I still require public URLs for some games (these are the underlined names below) - please get in contact with me as soon as possible with public URLs!!!

  • St. Global Warming - Marcus Brasier
  • FreeRider - Robert Clemmons

  • Paczka - Falkom
  • Santa Satnas - Philip Dyer and Tom Randall
  • Downhill Jam Buttocks - Kraton
  • Santa Dog - Tropic
  • Cavern Tale - Bibin
  • Desktop... Poo - Pixelthief
  • Ever Eternal Winter World - Ben (Silvernova)
  • Gappy 2 - Fadex
  • Jesus Hat - Mozart
  • Project Armored Recon - Countersnipe
  • Mercenaries - VVolf

    Who will win?! You'll find out... fairly soon :)

  • Posted by Ski 8th February, 2008

    I need to play Mozart's game.
    Posted by Pixelthief 8th February, 2008

    Desktop Poo forever!
    Posted by Bibin 8th February, 2008

    Yay cavern tale sucked!
    Posted by Mr. Waffle 10th February, 2008

    Jesus Hat will surely win. ;D


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