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Messy week
News posted 28th May, 2002 by Rikus  
Hey folks, this week will be a bit of a messy week here on the dc while we test both the server and the asp coding to see why it keeps crashing every couple of days. So please bare with us while we try to figure out the problem.

Posted by Spug 28th May, 2002

That's OK, as long as DC doesn't disappear again :)
Posted by chrilley 28th May, 2002

Yeah, everything to evade another crash. :)
Posted by jast 28th May, 2002

I bet that it's the server, but I also bet that you'll find something in the code now that could be the reason for the problems, change it and have more problems than before ;) naah, j/k. Just keep it up and running... pleeeeaze!


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