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New Game: Masquerade
News posted 10th February, 2008 by Flava  
Dr Botox has just submitted a new platformer which goes by the name of Masquerade. It involves some scary dude (who nobody likes) who decides to save a girl who has been kidnapped. It has a pretty interesting story, so check it out!

Comments from the author: This is my first game that i made with MMF2 This game is about a man who lives underground He has no friends, the only thing close to a friend is his cat (who hates his guts too but likes the cat food) everyone in town fears him because he looks scary. He wears a mask coz his face is horribly burned. He realy likes to get out of this cave he lives in and rent a nice little house somewhere in town. but the town's people would have him for breakfast if he would show his face around. he thought about killing everyone in town but that would leave noone to fear him anymore

Click here to download this game and read it's reviews

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  • Posted by Fanotherpg 11th February, 2008

    Thanks for mentioning aboud Duked. I didn't think that it is worth front page cause of his experimental (for actual (hated by me with some exceptions) true 3D FPS boring) gameplay


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