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News posted 20th February, 2008 by The Chris Street  
Please click here to view the results of the previous poll - "When do you make games?"

Haha, yeah. Anyway, here's the new poll - What is the best handheld you ever had? Usual array of options, vote accordingly.

I'm done XD

Posted by Ski 20th February, 2008

Lol, about time >:\

DS is my easily favourite.
Posted by Superfunk 20th February, 2008

GP2X, for allowing for homebrew design.
Posted by Torava 20th February, 2008

I never have had any handheld. Where is that option?
Posted by Bibin 20th February, 2008

Needs moar christmas.
Posted by Hill Gigas 20th February, 2008

Bunch of elitists! The original Gameboy was clearly the best handheld system ever made!
Posted by Lunar Games 20th February, 2008

lol yer more christmas
Posted by Tim 20th February, 2008

I would have said DS, but it's not fair considering it's from an entirely different generation... Though it would have been DS, I voted GBC because that easily provided me with the best and longest memories and gameplay

Posted by GameFun4U 20th February, 2008

I agree with Torava.... where's the never had any option?
Posted by Dr. James MD 20th February, 2008

In the corner with the rest of the saddos!

GBA here. Last of the great 2D.
Posted by Ricky 20th February, 2008

GBA SP. It can play origional gameboy games like Tetris! I love the original gameboy version of Tetris.
Posted by Mr. Waffle 20th February, 2008

Next poll should be about rap music. Please?
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 20th February, 2008

The Sega Genises...Waaaay ahead of its time.
Posted by Guru Rinpoche 20th February, 2008

Rayman 2 on GBC...the best thing I've ever had.
Posted by JustinC 21st February, 2008

Childhood memories rest with the game gear. I had a gameboy color in middle school. Definitely had a lot of memories of that one too. The DS is the best one I've had though. I don't play it nearly as much as I played the others but it's just a good system.
Posted by alastair john jack 21st February, 2008

Sadly for me its the DS.
Posted by X_Sheep 21st February, 2008

Only handheld I've owned is a GP32. I much like the homebrew aspect, but my R button broke, so I don't play it as much as I should
Posted by Lunar Games 21st February, 2008

lol you guys, DS is for little kids, like my 7 year old sister, not for you 20 year old men! OMG.
Posted by DaVince 21st February, 2008

The GBA, because it can play all my favourite GB, GBC and GBA games.
Posted by DaVince 21st February, 2008

"The Sega Genises...Waaaay ahead of its time."
The Sega Genesis... is not a handheld.

Also, Lunar Games, you're spouting nonsense.
Posted by Cecilectomy 21st February, 2008

what the hell is a gp32? ive never consciously heard of it.
Posted by Reno 21st February, 2008

The PSP also has homebrew capabilities and Lua so that alone makes it a good handheld but the GBC gave me the most fun when I was younger
Posted by Cecilectomy 21st February, 2008

psp homebrews are almost nonexistant on newer firmware. i think after a late 1.x version or early 2.x. only way is to downgrade your firmware which i believe is considered dangerous to the console. (pretty much can make it not work no more)
Posted by Dr. James MD 21st February, 2008

Bzzzzt! wrong! There's a big custom firmware now, built by a hacker. So you get the newest official firmware features, but also the ability to run ISOs, emulators, homebrew, utilities to make PSP games playable. et al.
Posted by Cecilectomy 21st February, 2008

how new is this? the last net searching i did turned up nothing. but that was months ago, and i dont even have my psp anymore. maybe this will be a good reason for me to repurchase one. damn car theives.
Posted by Dr. James MD 21st February, 2008

Since early last year The Open Edition (very old) and Custom firmwares aren't new.

edit: Dec 06
Comment edited by Dr. James on 2/21/2008
Posted by Kazuma 21st February, 2008

I didn't know virtual boy was a hand held system. The last time I saw one, it had a huge stand that you sat on the table and then you looked into the eyepiece.
Posted by Aptennap 21st February, 2008

I only had one handheld : a game boy color, awesomeness...
Posted by Cecilectomy 21st February, 2008

well i just wiki'ed it and it's still on my point about being dangerous to your psp as for the most part it involves doing stuff that can "brick" your psp. not interested.
Posted by AndyUK 21st February, 2008

that is always a risk, usually only if you install it wrong though.
Posted by Dr. James MD 21st February, 2008

Yea looking back it's not something I would have done in a proper state of mind. My story is that I bought a fat PSP off ebay that was rubbish so I ran into town, ran back, made a pandora batter off the fat and installed the CFW on my new slim. if you do have a pandora battery then you can always bring it out of a bricked system so theres very little risk.

Or just do what my mate did and buy a new CFW PSP online. Costs a bit more though
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 21st February, 2008

"The Sega Genises...Waaaay ahead of its time"

Oooh, sorry. I meant whatever the Sega handheld thing. Game Gear? I think that's the one.
Posted by Del Duio 21st February, 2008

Gameboy Advance SP for me. I had the original huge black and white one, skipped the headache machine (virtual boy, but props for trying something new), and then I bought a GBA thinking Nintendo finally made a backlit system.. HA!

After seeing that the SP was indeed backlit, I scooped it up and have had great times ever since. I got a DS a few months ago, and it's GREAT, but so far it doesn't beat a few years' worth of fun with my GBA SP and Advance Wars, Shining Soul 2, Aria of Sorrow, Bubble Bobble, etc. etc. I'm sure it will surpass it eventually, but not now.
Posted by Muz 21st February, 2008

My mobile phone
Cheap games and easily available! Most people would glare at you when playing a handheld just before an interview.. you don't get that problem with a mobile
Posted by Dr. James MD 21st February, 2008

You play games before interviews?!
Posted by Bibin 21st February, 2008

I tihnk that Lazarus means the Sega Nomad, a handheld version of the genesis.
The gamegear was a blurry piece of crap with slow games and off-beat music with none of the joy and entertainment the gameboy could deliver.
Posted by MJK 22nd February, 2008

GBA SP maybe, although I don't have it anymore. Currently playing with this thing:
Posted by MasterM 22nd February, 2008

i just stopped playing PSP and saw this poll on the DC. OF COURSE I voted for PSP. i LOVE my PSP. the reasons why its the best (imho) are clear:
-brilliant games
-brilliant graphics
you can put your music on it (yes i use it as mp3 player since i HATE the ipod and putting music on the psp is way faster than dealing with the whole itunes program and converting shit and everything else thats a pain in the ass about the iPod)
-wonderful screen
-internet that works (even skype)
-i can watch movies on it
-i can put pictuers on it (yes i USE that feature to show people stuff)

i like reading ebooks. with my PSP i can read pdf files on the go- great (not as heavy as a big book).

yes i love the SNES, GBA...great with my PSP i can emulate all those old consoles.

i love playing games against friends. there are a bunch of great multiplayer games for the psp and i play against friends pretty much every day.

there are just way too many reasons why the psp is brilliant and thats why i think its the best.
you might now believe I am a SONY fanboy but I can assure you first I didn't want to get a PSP because I HATE SONY but the PSP is just TOO good so I couldn't resit. if you travel a lot and are always on the go like me it's a no brainer.

Posted by MasterM 22nd February, 2008

@cec┐l: somebody who is able to code "Isometric Engine C++ (Updated Version 6)" should be able to downgrade his PSP. in fact somebody who is able to use MMF should be able to downgrade his PSP. "as for the most part it involves doing stuff that can "brick" your psp. not interested."
not interested translates to "im chicken shit/im too stupid". there is the LITTLE chance of bricking it but that happens if you cant copy and paste files and follow instructions given on the internet. yet IF you brick it you can also unbrick it with Pandora's Battery.
Posted by Dr. James MD 22nd February, 2008

Hey MasterM how is the Skype thing? I don't have a headset yet so I'm wondering if it's worth it.
Posted by Cecilectomy 22nd February, 2008

MasterM. that is time and money i dont have, to do something i'll be bored with in about a month. i'm already bored with my isometric engine lol
Posted by MasterM 22nd February, 2008

well if you DONT enjoy playing games (NES, SNES, GB, GBC, GBA..) on the go I guess the PSP is NOT a thing for you

about the skype thing. ive only heard it works but since i dont use skype at all i dont see a reason why i should use it on my psp but i know its possible with the latest firmware (also with customfirmware).

if you have a japanese psp skype WONT be supported. japanese people use some different software that is similair to skype- so this is what they use.
Posted by Cecilectomy 22nd February, 2008

how will skype work on a PsP without a camera?
Posted by Tim 22nd February, 2008

I hate polls like this anyway.. it's like

What is better?

- Intel Pentium II CPU or
- Intel Xeon Quad Core 2 CPU

you just cant draw a fair comparison, because there's like a decade of technological advancement between them
Posted by Ski 22nd February, 2008

I just got FF XII: Revenant wings today in the post, I'm really impressed with it so far actually. The fighting system is pretty entertaining IMO.
Posted by MasterM 22nd February, 2008

"how will skype work on a PsP without a camera? "

how does skype work on a PC without a camera? since when do you need a web cam for skype?

Posted by Cecilectomy 22nd February, 2008

for video calls. =\
why else would i wanna use it.
Comment edited by cec┐l on 2/22/2008
Posted by alastair john jack 22nd February, 2008

@ Tim, there may be 'technological advancement between them' but each system tends to have their own set of games.
Posted by MasterM 23rd February, 2008

just for talking to people.
Posted by Raverider 23rd February, 2008

N-gage . The only one I ever had.
Posted by Cecilectomy 23rd February, 2008

skype is for voice and video calls.
anyway the old psp didnt have a microphone. so how would voice even work on psp? does the slim have a mic?
Posted by LIJI 23rd February, 2008

Gameboy Color, because that's my only handheld!
With 2 lame fake pokemon games... -_-
Posted by alastair john jack 23rd February, 2008

Mr Driller on GBC was great fun.
Posted by Ski 23rd February, 2008

I have it for the DS but I rarely play it >_<;
Posted by Dr. James MD 24th February, 2008

Cecil, the new one doesn't either. You need a headset. Don't know if it has to be some special Sony effort (which would be a booo) or if you can use any.
Posted by Kirby Smith 27th February, 2008

"The Sega Genesis... is not a handheld."

Wrong! Sega put out a portable Genesis called the Nomad in the mid 90's. Battery life sucked, but it featured a 3.5" screen and played the complete Genesis library.

As for my favorite portable, that honor goes to the PSP, if only because I can play the entire 16-bit generation's library on it.
Posted by 29th February, 2008

The DS is a bad game.


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