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DC Turns 7 this month -- New Desktop Compo & Nims Mouse Control Game Compo!
News posted 1st March, 2008 by Rikus  
With everything going on, lets have some fun! First we actually made a mistake last year and the DC turned 6 not 5. Whoops. That means that this year the DC has reached lucky number 7! Wow, 7 years and still going, we have some great things planned for the site in 2008 folks, including a new DC points system (yes your current points will be whiped) Starting fresh and new, so they will actually mean something, lol. However depending on the year that you joined you will receive a initial startup amount, so thats pretty cool a sort of thank you for sticking around this long.

Now on to the fun, its been since 2005 that we did a Desktop Compo so here is how it works, take a screenshot of your current desktop and upload it, then post the link on the forum topic (link below) Everyone on the dc will then be able to vote for the best desktop. The winner will receive a (undisclosed) amount of *NeW* DC points. IF you think you are up for it and share your desktop with the world, then post it on the link below.

Also Nim is running a rather cool new Compo called: March mouse control. Were need to create a game that has to be controlled by the mouse, ohhhhh. You can enter the compo on the second link below.

I know improving the site never ends and we are trying folks, if you have a second please share some memories on how you originally found the DC and how long you have been here. And if you have any ideas on how we can improve the site this would be the perfect news post to put it under.

Click here to go to the Desktop Compo Forum Page!.

Click here to go to Nims Mouse Control Game Compo!.

Posted by Ski 1st March, 2008

It would also be nice if Nim's comp could have a front page mentioning? Id enter the desktop comp but my desktop is rather crappy
Posted by nim 1st March, 2008

I heard a rumour that there's also a game creation competition on the forums too.. :/
Posted by Fifth 1st March, 2008

(Additionally, in terms of Click news, the VCade 2006 2007 2008 Spriteset Competition finally came to an end today. ( ) Just thought I'd mention that.)
Posted by Rikus 1st March, 2008

Done and Done, cant wait to see what games will come out of that compo Nim!
Comment edited by Rikus on 3/1/2008
Posted by nim 1st March, 2008

Thanks Rikus
Posted by Rikus 1st March, 2008

No probs! And hey you guys tell me, how did you find out about the daily click? Do you remember your first visit to the site?
Comment edited by Rikus on 3/1/2008
Posted by Ski 1st March, 2008

I came on it and was banned for fighting with Phizzy haha Then I came back a few years later. I just stumbled across it one day... perhaps from using the dogpile search engine
Posted by Peblo 1st March, 2008

Happy 7th birthday! I found this site by trying to find Earthbound fangames, way long ago.
Posted by Tim 2nd March, 2008

Someone at clickteam mentioned this site once, LONG AGO and I registered.. then my account seemed to be completely removed the next time I came back After which time I stopped klikking until 2 or so years ago when I came back and stumbled across it again looking for tutorials.
Posted by Neuro 2nd March, 2008

I think I found this place through Clickteam's list of community sites. I wanted to see what other people were doing with TGF This place seemed like the best place! Didn't start being really active on here for a while though, I'm a major forum lurker...
Posted by AndyUK 2nd March, 2008

I think I actually found it by searching for a full version of The games factory, after the demo ran out.

Then after visiting once or twice it was down for ages. When it came back I didn't post in the forum for about a year after signing up.

Too busy playing all those game I guess... If only I was so enthusiastic about playing the games now.
Posted by MasterM 2nd March, 2008

happy birthday daily click
i cant believe i visit this page for 7 years already.
Posted by nim 2nd March, 2008

The March Mouse Control competition has just ended. Check out the entries:
Posted by Fish20 8th March, 2008

no my precous TDC points!!! Stay away from them!


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