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New Games: Trent Turtle 1 & 2 pack
News posted 6th March, 2008 by Rikus  
2 games for the price of 1 download! Woohoo! Craig Tait uploaded 2 of his old platformers but they are still fun to play and kind of remind me of the old mario games somehow.

Comments from the author: Trent Turtle has 14 levels and uses the *gasp* default platform engine. Trent 2 uses a custom engine *phew* and contains 13 levels each with optional crystals to collect, some levels with multiple routes to the finish. Neither game is visually impressive but don’t let that put you off, I reckon they are good games, wouldn’t have uploaded them otherwise. Thinking of making a third and improving on everything but until then hope you enjoy the first two!
Click here to download the game and read its reviews.

Posted by Ski 6th March, 2008

I got stuck in a wall on the first one, sprouted wings on my shell, then speedy music started. Then the wings went and I lost a life.


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