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News posted 8th March, 2008 by Rikus  
We received a donation today from Krisna Sarith Thanks Krisna for helping keeping the site running! And supporting us! As you may have noticed the front page updates on the site have increased and we will try and keep it that way from now on.

In other news Club has been working on the site here and there and one thing you might notice is that the "stars" have received a upgrade, nice! It looks like Adam is currently winning in the desktop compo poll, followed by DrJames!

If anyone remembers the game Lilykin created by Adam for the recently ended mouse compo, he just uploaded a project page on a total -remake- of the game, you can find more info on the link below. That's all for now folks! Remember if you uploaded anything cool, games,project or article, let me know!
Click here to check out Adams latest project.

Posted by Ski 8th March, 2008

Damn I will have to post some screen shots now !
Posted by Klikmaster 8th March, 2008

Thanks for being such a busy bee Rikus
Posted by Ski 8th March, 2008

Oh and thanks Krisna
Posted by gozial 9th March, 2008

Cool, my name's on the front page! Excel seems to be normal today

You're welcome Adam. Nice title screen. The original title screen was pretty good but the new one was top notch! Your icon almost looks like Partner Machinery from Phantasy Star Universe.
Posted by -Liam- 9th March, 2008

I love the donation image

Please, never change it
Posted by Johnny Look 9th March, 2008

thanks !


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