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TDC'S Daily News: Clickteam Website gets a make-over
News posted 10th March, 2008 by Rikus  
Straight from Jeff came the word today that he hired a company to re-do the clickteams website, not a bad idea, its been a while since the last lick of paint. He is also mentioning the ability to be able to add games to the site. Also nice addition however it makes you wonder if clickteam and tdc should not do something together on that front. Anyhow as always let your voice be checked upon in the comments section.

Jeff's Post on the clickteams website: We have hired a company to come in and give us a do-over. Nothing drastic in the same basic color range and layout but an upgrade for our graphics and text. I can't add any games or weblinks to the pages at the current time but after this is done we will be adding a lot of new links and games. Click-on! Jeff

Posted by Silveraura 10th March, 2008

Sounds like Clickteam is starting to want a piece of the action. Any word on when the make-over is going to take place?
Posted by Rikus 10th March, 2008

Well i dont think Jeff meant that they are going to setup a system like the dc, but more of the like were the clickteam admins can add some games to the website me thinks. I'll try and get some clearification on that one.
Posted by -Liam- 10th March, 2008

Posted by Rikus 10th March, 2008

Love the avatar Slink, nice
Posted by Tim 11th March, 2008

"Click here to visit"


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