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New/old Game: Booga-Boo
News posted 11th March, 2008 by Rikus  
Booga-Boo was uploaded last year but only received 7 downloads, it deserves better then that. Recently the maker of this game Simon Czentnár made some updates to it, so why not give it a second going? Btw if you find any old games that was overlooked, let me know!

Comments from the author: A little flea called Bugaboo has fallen into a deep gorge, and it's your job to get it out as quickly as possible, reach the top of the cavern in which it has become trapped. The cavern is made up of various ledges and platforms which you can use to work your way to the top.
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Posted by Reno 11th March, 2008

If thats supposed to be an aminita muscara then ad some white specks to the red cap. heh
Posted by Simon Czentnár 12th March, 2008

I wasn't thinking about the type of the mushrooms.


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