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TDC'S Daily News: Project - Undertow
News posted 14th March, 2008 by Rikus  
Colonel Justice has started to work on a huge new horror game, judging from the pictures he released on his project page this game is going to be massive and scary. It has kind of a SIlent Hill type feel to it, i can't wait!

Comments from the author:I would like to announce a project I am working on at the moment. Its concept is yet very vague and still to take form, but some of the fundamental ideas are ready to be realized.

This game will be sort of an action-oriented game with roleplaying elements set up an isometric world, much like Diablo, but with modern weapons and cooler enemies. The plot is still unclear, but it will revive a more classical horror theme ready (it takes place somewhere in the mid of the 20th century) to take the player on a journey into the dark and unknown.
Click here to check the project page for Undertow.

Posted by Hempuli 14th March, 2008

I wonder if Rikus has a news-posting macro running...
Posted by Rikus 14th March, 2008

Nopers, just got better at time management i guess, my kids are getting a bit older and are going to bed at a better time now, wich does free up some time for me to update the site better, so that's cool
Posted by Cecilectomy 14th March, 2008

indeed. more variety would be nice. its been chunks of games, then chuunks of projects. great work tho
Posted by Dr. James MD 14th March, 2008

Rikus you're doing a stellar job!
Posted by Hempuli 14th March, 2008

stellar? I would say 'awesome' job
Posted by Phredreeke 14th March, 2008

No relation to the XBLA game also named Undertow
Posted by Del Duio 14th March, 2008

^^ No relation to Diablo either ^^


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