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New Old/Game: Bird
News posted 15th March, 2008 by Rikus  
Its a bird! Its a plane! Its.. no it is actually a bird! Vertigo wants us know about a game he submitted back in January that deserves a second look, so here it is! Remember if you find a new or old game that deserves some front page goodieness, (is that a word?) Then let me know! (On a side note does anyone here enjoy a Twix as much as i do, a cooky surrounded by choco, oh my!:)

Comments from the author: This is my first game I upload to The Daily Click, so, Hi! The game is simple called Bird, and is about a young, blue bird searching for stamps. Sounds kind of lame but I think its pretty addictive Play beyond the first two missions! (you just need to collect coins in those but after that you get different missions!)
Click here to download this game and read its reviews.

Ps. Also be sure to vote for our new Poll "What do you do when MMF/TGF crashes?"

Posted by Xhunterko 15th March, 2008

I used to say, i save all the time. But i'm crying now cause mmf 1.5 quit suddenly. And i too, like twix. Its a yummy, quick snack. Care to share?
Posted by Ricky 15th March, 2008

I make backups, but I still cry
Posted by markno2 15th March, 2008

When MMF crashes I usually complain on TDC's forums.
Posted by Dr. James MD 15th March, 2008

Always saving!
Posted by nim 15th March, 2008

"a cooky surrounded by choco, oh my!" - my new favourite Rikus quote
Posted by Del Duio 15th March, 2008

I try to save a lot now, but with 1.5 I noticed mine crashes a lot when the graphics editor is open.
Posted by Ski 15th March, 2008

I always knew Twix to be a biscuit finger layered with caramel and dipped in fine milk chocolate
Posted by Ando 15th March, 2008

Twixes are my favorite things ever. One of the few things I can't prevent myself from eating.
Posted by Vertigo 16th March, 2008

Usually, I press Ctrl+S every time after testing (so basicly every step!) but sometimes when I just started a new game I wont save until i've made something good, but offcourse it crashes just before I was going to save that. 0_o


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