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TDC'S Daily News: 2 New Reviews & Happy Saint Patrick's Day!
News posted 17th March, 2008 by Rikus  
Shroomlock our very own "Reviewing Madman" Made 2 new reviews today! They are a excellent read even if you already tried the games out, be sure to check them both out!
Click here to read the review for Somiumstrike 2 .

And Click here to read the review for Ainevoltas 2 .

In other news I have been working on the new klikcast, its coming a long pretty good, hopefully it will be completed within the next week or so, oh and before i forget for those who celebrate Happy Saint Patrick's Day everyone!

Posted by Tim 17th March, 2008

Shroomlock, you are gold.
Posted by Ski 17th March, 2008

*does a merry leprechaun dance*
Posted by Cecilectomy 17th March, 2008

Posted by -Liam- 17th March, 2008

Posted by Phredreeke 18th March, 2008

Sad reviews have become so rare, that when they do appear they go on the frontpage
Posted by Ski 18th March, 2008

Perhaps there could be some kind of reward scheme for reviews like a reasonable amount of points, or even a custom rating (or rating change as most people have them nowadays _ ) for when the member has written over 5 reviews?

Or, a special "TDC Reviewer" badge icon, that would be cool. It could be like a star-shaped cowboy sheriff badge.

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