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News posted 18th March, 2008 by Rikus  
Speaking of Shroomlock today he uploaded the first picture of his new "secret project" Go to the project page folks because this picture has to be seen in its full size glory.

There is no description on the project page yet, hopefully Shroomlock will share some more light on this soon. Now quickly print this picture out and put it above your bed, you know you want to:)

Click here to go to the secret project page.

(I like the sound of that, gave me the chills)

Posted by Ski 18th March, 2008

I dislike the "Remember" it's so typical, clichéd and "dramatic", the only thing Square-Enix could probably pull-off nowadays and even they don't do it.
Posted by Tim 18th March, 2008

I dunno, \'remember\' isn\'t so typical ... imo
Posted by Willy C 18th March, 2008

It's very Halo 3 promotion like, "believe". I have always thought the Halo 3 commercials where stupid.

But, that IS a very nice preview picture!
Posted by Johan Hargne (Wartagon) 18th March, 2008

It is a very nice 3D render indeed, but the question is how much this actually tells us about his game. Maybe wait until he posts gameplay screenshots or a description of the game before announcing?
Posted by Klikmaster 18th March, 2008

Nice render, but I don't think this deserves front page coverage.. well not until there are some in-game screens and features anyway!
Posted by Jason Orme 18th March, 2008

I agree
Posted by Johnny Look 18th March, 2008

yeah me too.
Posted by Ski 18th March, 2008

Don't projects with hardly any information usually get deleted? This is really something for the Digital arts section IMO
Posted by Tim 18th March, 2008

IMO too :\

edit: if I'd of done that, I'd of got slated!!
Comment edited by -Mr Impossible- on 3/18/2008
Posted by Dr. James MD 18th March, 2008

Slated? You'd have got stabbed!

In London!
Posted by Johan Hargne (Wartagon) 18th March, 2008

I would have killed you both. With rayguns. In spring. At dusk. On Oxfordstreet. Wearing a top hat with the label "I Has Raygun"
Posted by Ski 18th March, 2008

Johan if we ever met in real life I would kill you lovingly ... oh wait
Posted by Johan Hargne (Wartagon) 18th March, 2008

I'm gonna die
Posted by Muz 18th March, 2008

Anyone wanna bet that a game like that won't see the light of day?

Hehe, btw, I have another secret project of my own. The good ones always stay a secret
Posted by Rikus 18th March, 2008

little harsh are we guys? We are talkin about Shroom here i'm sure he will keep updating his project page. I for one am very excited about this project if you look at the work he has done before.
Posted by danjo 18th March, 2008

are these Mr. people the new bunch of DC-Misfits?
Posted by Ski 18th March, 2008

Yes I think so. Sad, I know
Posted by Dr. James MD 18th March, 2008

Yea gotta be proper cereal online yo
Posted by Johan Hargne (Wartagon) 19th March, 2008

@Rikus: I didn't mean to sound harsh or anything in any way (I guess it appears so when there were 4 similar comments), I just wanted to say that it feels kind of unfair to post news about a project that there's absolutely no information about besides a 3D-rendered wallpaper - just because it is from someone who-we-know-makes-good-games. I'm not argumenting against the fact that Shroom may be good at what he is doing, but if this had been done by anyone "less recognized", he would most likely have been told to add some kind of description and definately wouldn't have been mentioned on the front page.

I appreciate your effort in this Rikus, and I love the fact that you publish news about new projects (because it is interesting reading/viewing), but I think that a project like this rather should be considered mentioning on the front page as soon as there's some kind of information to receive. Image No hard feeling, Rikus. We love you !
Comment edited by Johan Hargne (Wartagon) on 3/19/2008
Posted by axel 19th March, 2008

I must now steal this smiley from TIGForums, because no other emoticon could better describe my thoughts about that picture: Image
Posted by Ski 19th March, 2008

Johan's wedding speech ¬_¬
Posted by Dr. James MD 19th March, 2008

Well he's got my vote, nicely said Johan!

Absolutely no doubt Shroom will pull out a stellar game though but it probably should have been done as a forum post.
Posted by axel 19th March, 2008

He didn't exactly ask for a frontpage mention, he just uploaded a picture and put it on a project page.

Why are people complaining anyway? It's not like we've got more important things to put on the frontpage. I think we should have more of these small developer updates and community news every now and then, they're way more interesting to read than the weekly "GENERAL POLL #5327" post.
Posted by Rikus 19th March, 2008

No worries Johan, all is good!
Posted by Xhunterko 19th March, 2008

Holy- first, how much is it in 3d? It's possible, and looks like 3d studio stuff. Very dang impressive 3d studio stuff. (The only thing i'd consider cliche'd is the lense flare, but still.) This has got to be an incredible project coming up, we'll just have to wait and see though. Anyone else notice the 'RPG' category?


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