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TDC'S Daily News: Demo - Ghost Hunter
News posted 28th March, 2008 by Rikus  
Sphax submitted a great new example/demo of what can be done. The results are really impressive and it shows that a bright graphicial future awaits for the click products.

Comments from the author: Ghost Hunter is a simple technological demo of the MMF2 power. It uses shaders, particles, simple IA and uses a 360 shoot engine. The demo is presented in a RAR archive file where an EXE could be directly launched, a MFA to edit the project and the used shaders. This project is open-source and all the graphics in it could be used for your own projects.
Click here to check out the download page for Ghost Hunter.

Posted by Bibin 28th March, 2008

MFA? I believe you mean HWA. MFA is the file extension; HWA is hardware acceleration.
Posted by Rikus 29th March, 2008

Thanks Bibin, hey its 12:15 in the am, i hope i am forgiven, lol. Time to hit the hay for me
Posted by DeadmanDines 29th March, 2008

I'm horrified that you've posted this on the frontpage.

Compare it with 'Ghost Shooter' here:
Posted by Flava 29th March, 2008

Isn't that Ghost Shooter made with a different product though? I think Sphax is just showing that it's possible in MMF2 as well.
Posted by Sphax 29th March, 2008

and we can easily say: "Who's copying and who's being copied"
Posted by DeadmanDines 29th March, 2008

But at least Construct adds to the concept, and is different to MMF in several fundamental ways. This is just a straight out copy and adds nothing - in fact, it's inferior to the original.

The whole thing, including the specific effects actually used and how they're used, as well as the entire theme behind it are all lifted straight off the Scirra example. They have almost the same name for pity's sake.

I can understand that it's been made to show that MMF's catching up in the effects department, but this isn't explained at all. People have been saying what a nice gameplay idea this is, yet you've made no comments that the gameplay idea isn't original.
Posted by jared jupiter 29th March, 2008

Ah the irony, a user creates a copy of a tech demo and you get bent out of place.

Construct is a straight and straight copy of mmf and your fine with that... wow nice.

Pretty funny overall!
Posted by Sphax 29th March, 2008

Currently, peoples are not saying "what a nice gameplay" but "what nice effects". Also, the gameplay is a top down shoot'em up gameplay. Nothing is original to create a topdown shoot'em up gameplay! This kind of ideas have been used for years.

Finally, the goal is not to create a ring for MMF2 vs other product but to show everybody what can be done with MMF2 HWA with PixelShaders 2.0 thanks to an open-source example.

To conclude, I'm not the author of this tech demo, just a contributor for the shaders even if I present it at TDC.

That's all.
Posted by Tommy66 29th March, 2008

Ok well done for changing your tune slightly and deleting all the old comments that slate this.

Next time come up with your own work and don't blatantly try and pass it off as your own. Pathetic.
Posted by jared jupiter 29th March, 2008

yes pathetic that you totally forget that this is just a simple stupid demo and your getting upset about it
Posted by Ski 29th March, 2008

This is better than (and more original) any game ever made in construct IMHO.
Comment edited by -Mr. Sneeze- on 3/29/2008
Posted by Sphax 29th March, 2008

What do you speak about Tommy66? And who should be concerned by what you said?

If it's for me, I've deleting nothing and when I've edited the download description that was for adding the 3 notes, no more... I really don't understand what you try to prove but I've never try to pass this tech demo as my own, the credits prove it.
Posted by Rikus 29th March, 2008

So i wake up this morning to see 12 comments, i'm like hey something must be wrong with the news post, lol. To my very surprise i see lots of fighting going on, Yikes! Some fact and i do see were the confusion is coming from. Sphax "submitted" this example because the original author does not speak English he did help with the demo. The example is showing of what can be now now with mmf 2, if we compare this to only a year ago this is huge. To compare it to construct and get really upset about it, is unfair in my opinion. Even more so since this is not meant as a game or even a demo more of a playable example. And best off all.. it is open source! So you can see how it was done. Now if this was just a demo then that would be a totally different story however. But with these facts in mind, i don't think there is not a huge reason to get so upset anymore.
Comment edited by Rikus on 3/29/2008
Posted by Ski 29th March, 2008

"So i wake up this morning to see 12 comments"

Did you remember to brush your teeth? Image


Yeah and whats with the large amount of weird new members that are suddenly appearing on TDC? I think IP checks need to be done or something... seems a bit fishy to me.
Posted by Tommy66 29th March, 2008

"This is better than (and more original) any game ever made in construct IMHO."

Have you seen the construct demo page?

[ ] Original
[ ] Better
[x] Copy
Posted by Ski 29th March, 2008

What is construct?
Posted by Sphax 29th March, 2008

[ ] Original
[ ] Better
[x] Copy

But again, as Rikus said, this is not the subject of this tech demo! But I think, I understand better why some new users has registered today to just post some bad comments on this tech demo...
Comment edited by Sphax on 3/29/2008
Posted by Cecilectomy 29th March, 2008

"This is better than (and more original) any game ever made in construct IMHO."

i just ran them side by side. the only difference is the graphics. i wouldnt say either is better than the other. the upside to the mmf one is its open sourcededness. thats the only reason its better. that and the graphics and floor texture in the mmf one are done a little bit better.

its a tech demo showing the same can be done in mmf as well as construct. pipe down you hooligans!
Posted by danjo 29th March, 2008

ashey gullen was doing this when you were still in nappies. cecil. you ARE a tool.
Posted by Cecilectomy 29th March, 2008

age has nothing to do with this danjo.

if by running them side by side and realizing they are EXACTLY THE SAME means i'm a tool then screw you.

i never took sides here in terms of construct and mmf, and if you read my post on the actual game comments i actually took a third position that id rather not be exclusive to either but to actual programming.

the fact is that they are similar and accomplish the same thing. i just happen to think the mmf one is better.

calling someone a tool for having an opinion is immature. mind your own.
Posted by Rikus 29th March, 2008

Danjo, please we do not need that kind of behavior to other members. Even more so since Cecil was just comparing the 2 products. Lets all get a long now please.
Posted by danjo 30th March, 2008

im calling you a tool, because you seem to think its [quote]"This is better than (and more original) any game ever made in construct IMHO."
ashley wrote the original and was working in MMF long before you obviosuly realize. i remember seeing that tech demo a really long time ago.
he also was writing that stuff when he was like 13-14.
by adding a title screen, and spiffing up some gfx, then claiming you can use this in your own work "credit free" is a bit of a laugh - dont you think.
now sphax has done some good things in the past. ( but this one he should have just been OPEN about from the get go.
and THATS the reason many people who have eyeballs are arguing about it.
i dont care if it runs better. ashley went on to make his own alternative software to clickteams, after finding at the time it wasnt good enough - yes he actually used clickteams products. O_O
and yes - ashley IS tigerworks if you havent figured that out mate.

for you to applaud someone for copying someone else work and make out it was his own, makes you look like a tool to me. open your eyes and see what others are saying, or go with the s[t]inking ship.

Posted by Cecilectomy 30th March, 2008

im not doing this danjo. im pm'ing you and this needs to stop.
Posted by Tommy66 30th March, 2008

MMF one is better for being more open sourceiness? Lol? Construct IS open source.
Posted by Rikus 30th March, 2008

Folks this is not the place for a debate on construct vs mmf. No more of this please.
Posted by Ski 30th March, 2008

I always thought you had hair like in your avatar, Rikus ;_; Grow it!
Posted by Rikus 31st March, 2008

Lol actually i just got it cut, i have to cut it so short cause my hair has this thing about growing long-hard-rock style in a mather of weeks. No kidding either, lol. So this way i can delay my cutting by several weeks
Comment edited by Rikus on 3/31/2008
Posted by Cecilectomy 31st March, 2008

well. you ARE a rockstar =/
it'd only suit you lol.


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