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TDC'S Daily News: GOTW #276 & Noitu Love 2 Demo
News posted 29th March, 2008 by Flava  
This week's GOTW winner with the majority of the votes is Ainevoltas 2, created by alspal. There are only four games for you to vote for this week, so get voting and we'll see who comes out on top next week!

Click here to visit the Ainevoltas 2 download page

If you don't know by now, a few people have discovered a Noitu Love 2 demo - and apparently it is very impressive. Click the link below to give it a try!

Click here to visit the Noitu Love 2 website

Also, the stream for episode 6 of the KlikCast is now working properly. Previously it only streamed the first 5 minutes of the show - but Rikus has now fixed the issue and you can now watch it all

Posted by Guru Rinpoche 29th March, 2008

Noitu Love 2 will clearly be the best click game ever. I can't even believe it--it's too good. The grim reaper character was visually amazing. The only problem with it is that it starts out too fast-paced...I like to learn the intracacies of the enemies first, take my time a little before being thrown into a "GO GO GO" run-or-die situation. I might actually buy this though.
Posted by Derek T . Reaves 29th March, 2008

Finally a click game worth playing. That hasn't happened since . . .ever . This is the first, but hopefully not only(rofl), time I'm finding myself interested in a Click game. It has some framerate problems, but thats the only thing I can find.
Posted by Hill Gigas 29th March, 2008

Holy crap, that demo was awesome. :I
Posted by Ski 29th March, 2008

Yes, it's pretty amazing, but I think we need to be careful not to over hype it for konjak before the release date.. although it's probably hard to do so..
Posted by Del Duio 29th March, 2008

The only ONLY thing I didn't like was that it took 10 hits to kill even the lowly green darns.

But aside from that, yeah holy shit it's awesome. I agree with Guru about the Reaper. Look at the way his body moves in the back with the smoke clouds.

This has the makings of a supreme beat-em up, and it's polished as hell. Much much better than the 1st game already.
Posted by Dustin Gunn 29th March, 2008

"The only ONLY thing I didn't like was that it took 10 hits to kill even the lowly green darns."

Do you mean the flame thrower guys? I think they're decorated, not lowly
Posted by Stephen [NeonairGames] 29th March, 2008


I hate that guy now just because they're freaking good. >=(
Posted by »xerus 29th March, 2008

I love Konjak. He is a sexy beast.

Oh yeah, and Noitu Love 2 rocks.
Posted by Liquixcat 29th March, 2008

Not to be a piss ant, and I love Noitu Love but after the first two levels of the first one I was bored as hell. Hopefully it gets better after the demo and doesn't stay the same. It's great, but will get repetitive.

For now I'll play the demo a few more times.
Posted by JustinC 29th March, 2008

Had this been released on the genesis 15 years ago it would be considered a classic. Today? It should be 10 bucks on xbox live or on the Nintendo DS or something. Absolutely amazing. This demo alone has set the standard for click games.
Comment edited by JustinC on 3/29/2008
Posted by JustinC 29th March, 2008

Come to think of it with stylus control this game would be perfect for the DS.
Posted by Cecilectomy 30th March, 2008

on tdc download now. yay


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