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TDC'S Daily News: New Clickteam Compo
News posted 2nd April, 2008 by Rikus  
A new competition just went live folks! Its called the The Twenty Event Contest Page, where you have to make a game using only 20 events! This compo is made available to you all by clickteam and Fusion2Developers. The prizes? Well you could win $250 in cash! Yikes.

For more info, links and to talk about this new compo head over to our forums. Should be interesting folks!
Click here for more info on this contest!.

Posted by Ski 2nd April, 2008

Hmmm Im tempted to enter...
Comment edited by -Adam- on 4/2/2008
Posted by Klikmaster 2nd April, 2008

Ah, you made those corrections

2 months to come up with a game with 20 events? Impossible.
Posted by -Nick- 2nd April, 2008

Posted by NeoMonkey 2nd April, 2008

Totally going to enter!
Posted by 2nd April, 2008

Obviously the built-in movements will have to do.
Posted by Ski 2nd April, 2008

lol I know the built in Platform movement can be used and improved considerably using detectors... but then that would probably go over the limit ¬_¬
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 2nd April, 2008

if you're desperate, you can always use the old perfect invisible square trick for the built in platform movement.
Posted by -MacAdaM- 2nd April, 2008

im totaly clueless about what kind of game to make, what kind are all of you making?
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 2nd April, 2008

Puzzle game for one of mine, probably some crappy platformer for another.
Posted by -MacAdaM- 2nd April, 2008

i was going to make a puzzel game, then is saw you can only have 4 levels -.-
i dont know.. =/
Posted by Cecilectomy 2nd April, 2008

been done before lol. sorta

20 events. i'm on it!
Comment edited by cec!l on 4/2/2008
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 2nd April, 2008

Yeah, I came up with a loading system that only takes one event, so I'm using that for the puzzle game.
Posted by Ski 2nd April, 2008

if you're desperate, you can always use the old perfect invisible square trick for the built in platform movement. "

yes! that's the one I think
Posted by -MacAdaM- 2nd April, 2008

are we allowed to use qualifiers? wait. does mmf2 have them, or was that only mmf1 and tgf1?
Posted by Kisguri 2nd April, 2008

you can only have four Frames but if you crafty you can have one Frame handle all your levels....!
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 2nd April, 2008

groups? Not against the rules as posted.
Posted by Kisguri 2nd April, 2008

you can have as many groups as you want but the total actual lines of events must remain 20 or below...
Posted by -MacAdaM- 2nd April, 2008

haha this is actually fun, i have the basic enging to my game done, and only used 6 events
Posted by viva/volt 2nd April, 2008

I'd enter, but I'm not confident I'll get my prize if I win... *Cough* Xmas Comp *Cough*
Posted by -MacAdaM- 2nd April, 2008

couldnt you just use the sub-app. object???

Posted by alastair john jack 2nd April, 2008

lol Ben.

Is it a limit of 4 frames? or a maximum of 4?
Comment edited by alspal on 4/2/2008
Posted by »xerus 3rd April, 2008

What about the LUA+ extension?
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 3rd April, 2008

@xerus - it's banned
Posted by MBK 3rd April, 2008

I have a good portion of my engine finished, but not sure if I really want to enter or not, considering Ben's comment on not getting his prize in a previous contest, and because you guys will probably beat me anyways.

Kisguri, the way I understood it, according to the rules, one frame can't use commands from another frame. And Global things aren't allowed. If not one of those, what did you mean ?

MacAdaM, sub-app. is against the rules.

alspal, good question, .. is 4 frames a requirement ?, Is it the Minimum allowed ?, or is it the Maximum allowed ? <reads rules again> <alot of rules> I think it means no more than 4, meaning 4 or less is ok, but 5 or more is against the rules.

by Frames they mean Storyboard Editor Frames right ?
a.k.a. Levels ?

Adam, what invisible square trick do you speak of ?

Klikmaster, you were being sarcastic about the impossible remark right ?

I Like the Compo idea btw, good rules, it makes it possible for anyone to participate and have a shot at winning. I'm not so sure about allowing more than one game per person to be entered, as it will just add to the time it takes to judge who will win.
But, I suppose it is a way to get people motivated, and I applaud them for that. I don't like feeling controlled by propaganda though, but I really could put that money to good use.

I don't like some of the rules in there ... what if I wanted to use those graphics, that I made, but entered into a contest, to use in another game, for sale ?

Does my entry including all graphics become sole property of the Contest owners, does it become Public use graphics Free for All to use (i don't mind that one), or Does it become a shared property, meaning only the Contest owners and I myself can use anying in my entry (this one is ok too) ?

It will be unsettling if I can't use my own work, especially if I want to use it towards a money making endeavor later on down the road.

My take is that graphics and code become Public use, and I will still be able to use them later If I want.

I hope that's right, but if not, Please let me know, I just don't want to lose the right to use what I've created for other purposes than just one contest.

Perhaps I want to enter it in other contests as well, and if this Contest owns the rights, then what ?

I'd like to know what they do with the entries after the competition is over. Do they delete them, sell them, use them as reference, or what ?

It would be nice to see many more contests like this one, but have them all result in the making of an OpenSource Library, where Klikers could go to get examples on whatever they need to know.

If this is a contest to get people to sign up to your site and be more active, you can place the library on your site, and deny access to anyone who is not signed up at your site. People would sign up for access to the library, and view the other stuff on your site in the process.

So, in addition to those who sign up to the site for access to a contest, you'd also get the people signing up for your site, to access the Library of OpenSource created because of the entrys contained within.

Soooo ... anyone finish a contest game and enter it yet ?

Posted by Jeff - Clickteam 3rd April, 2008

The graphics and music/sounds you create for the contest are still your property. You can use for any other use you want. You do want to remember that the source file MFA will be downloadable.

Under this type of license

You can also enter your game someplace else, throw it up for free download, or whatever you want.

The only thing is you might want to do that after the contest is over so you don't get accused of downloading an existing example file and entering it.
Posted by -MacAdaM- 3rd April, 2008

@MBK my game is done but i havent uploaded yet, im still adding special effects and music. but, i am done. good luck everyone.
Posted by Bibin 3rd April, 2008

Haw, I just finished my game. Can I release the beta on here for suggestions before I finish?

It even has a custom platform movement engine. I'm not releasing the source until necessary, though.
Posted by Ricky 3rd April, 2008

This sounds fun, I'm in
Posted by Faithtoken 4th April, 2008

"5 - No object behaviors allowed"
Does this meen "no built in platform movement"?
Posted by 4th April, 2008

No, it just means you can't use the "event list" within your object's behaviour (not "movement")
Posted by grickmin 6th April, 2008

I'm currently working on an entry.


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