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TDC'S Daily News: 2 new games and Application!
News posted 3rd April, 2008 by Rikus  
A couple of games for you today folks and even a very spiffy application! Wow and it is not even weekend yet! First off is Hempuli latest game called: Fig

Comments from the author: Because there were so many requests for a demo, I managed to create a version with the first five levels, the credits-section and half of the tutorial. The demo shows all the basic stuff that appear in the game, though there's nothing really cool like in some of the later levels I have to keep at least some things secret to the public release! Click here to check out the download page for Fig.

Also we have a demo by Vertigo called Robot Gunner the demo. He is looking for some suggestions folks! Click here to check out the download page for the Robot Gunner demo.

And if that was not enough DeadmanDines submitted the beta version for the Expression Editor Plus! Were you can in his own words: This is an application to help you develop expressions for use in MMF. It works as a markup language, letting you write your expressions in E++, using comments and local variables, and then convert them into MMF's expression code. Click here to check out the download page for the Expression Editor.

Posted by Torava 4th April, 2008

Who is Veritgo?
Posted by Klikmaster 4th April, 2008

Well, technically this is 2 demos and an application..


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