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TDC'S Daily News: New Game and Donation!
News posted 5th April, 2008 by Rikus  
First off we received a fun new game called: Charlie the Doughnut and the Alien Menace created by Alpha Check it out!

Comments from the author: You are Charlie, a simple inhabitant of a planet that has just being attacked by an horde of bloody aliens! In the beginning, you try to hide from them and search for a good shelter, but when you realize that there are no safe places anymore, you decide to battle the aliens and stop the menace by yourself. Click here to check out the download page for Charlie.

In other news we also received a new Donation from Nillo for 15 pounds~. Thanks Nillo because of all the donations we can keep the DC engine running!

Posted by Nillo 5th April, 2008

It was nothing :3
Posted by Ricky 5th April, 2008

Thanks Nillo
Posted by Dr. James MD 5th April, 2008

Cheers Nillo
Posted by Cecilectomy 5th April, 2008

wow. so much donations lately. thanks nillo.

*suddenly dc shuts down*

hmmm.. X_X
Posted by Aptennap 6th April, 2008

Thanks Nillo!
Posted by Assault Andy 8th April, 2008

Thank you very much for the donation, Nillo!


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