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TDC'S Daily News: New Demo - Ink-Redible
News posted 18th May, 2008 by Rikus  
Leighton James has graced us with his latest demo called Ink-Redible. He has been working hard on this one and it shows! Give it a go folks since he is looking for some constructive comments for the demo.

Comments from the Author:this is the ten level demo of my project Ink-redible. I have put the demo here aas it doesn't seem to be getting much exposure on the projects page. I want to know what people think of this and need some constructive criticism on it before i continue (if i do at all).
Click here to go to the download page for Ink-Redible.

And for anyone who has been wondering i have been sick with this frickin caugh and fever thing and my voice has but all completely dissapeared, i'm on some pills now but being really sick is just annoying, lol. Updates from me should resume per normall as i can find my way back to the computer:)

Posted by lembi2001 18th May, 2008

thanks for the pront page mention. Glad to hear you fell better (didn't know you were sick!!).

Onto my Question. When can we expect the next klikcast?
Posted by Klikmaster 18th May, 2008

Rikus mentioned august for the next podcast But why?
Posted by lembi2001 18th May, 2008

August??? thats like forever!!!
Posted by Silveraura 19th May, 2008

I just noticed the general poll. Is the first one that says:
Yes, i post comments dailly on news and games !

Umm, I don't mean to sound like a twat, but this typo seemed to sort of jump out at me pretty quickly. Seeing as this is the Daily Click, I would hope daily above all words, would be spelled correctly. Only 1 L.


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