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TDC'S Daily News: New Games!! Part 1 !
News posted 24th May, 2008 by Rikus  
Let us celibrate the weekend with some great new games! Who said the community is dying? These games are sure to splash things up! First up is Duel Toys 2 the test version made by Diefox commence drooling folks!

Comments from the Author:Hi guys, this is the test version of Duel Toys 2, just to make the last adjustments to the fighting engine and detect bugs. Many thinks have to be done yet, like the new RPG mode and the other characters. But I want to make sure that everything is okay before doing that. please, tell me if it feels to different than the other fighting games you have played, if it's too difficuelt or too easy, too slow or too fast and etc.
Click here to go to the download page for Duel Toys 2 test version.

Next up is EIM created by t0nad0 for the 20 event compo, it is a nice little puzzler game, very impressive! Click here to go to the download page for EIM

Posted by -Nick- 24th May, 2008

Is it possible to put two screenshots in one news post? EIM looks a little left out and it's nicely made.
Posted by t0nad0 24th May, 2008

aww thank you!

I would be honored to get a screenshot on the first page, but comments like yours are what it's really about. Glad for a front page shoutout either way (:
Posted by Codemonkey 24th May, 2008

Your smily is backwards.
Posted by t0nad0 24th May, 2008

I think your smiley is backwards
Posted by Ricky 25th May, 2008

i think both of yours are side ways /\__/\
Posted by Codemonkey 25th May, 2008

At least my lol can't be backwards!
Posted by -Nick- 25th May, 2008

olo ...oh... that's inside out ;_;
Posted by OMC 29th May, 2008

lol? Land'o'lakes? Why are we talking about butter?
Posted by Ricky 31st May, 2008

Cuase butter tastes good
Posted by Codemonkey 31st May, 2008



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