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News posted 1st June, 2008 by Clubsoft  
Hi folks,

We've just received another new donation from -Ricky-, so lets all give him our thanks!

Posted by -Liam- 1st June, 2008

That donation image never fails to put a smile on my face. Good work Ricky!
Posted by Aptennap 1st June, 2008

Posted by markno2 1st June, 2008

Posted by Ski 1st June, 2008

Thx Ricky n_n <3
Posted by Dr. James MD 1st June, 2008

Nice one Ricky
Posted by OMC 1st June, 2008

Grassyass, Ricky. Somehow I knew you were French from your avatar, Aptennap. Or, at least, you speak it.
Posted by Hempuli 1st June, 2008

Posted by Ricky 1st June, 2008

LOL I just now noticed that all the news pictures go: Left Right Left Right Left Right... have they always done this?
Comment edited by -Ricky- on 6/1/2008
Posted by Va1entine 1st June, 2008

Nice one!
Posted by OMC 1st June, 2008

Thou art right, Ricky...
Posted by viva/volt 2nd June, 2008

Yay! Thanks Ricky.
Posted by lembi2001 2nd June, 2008

Cheers Ricky!!
Posted by alastair john jack 2nd June, 2008

Thank you soooo much!
Posted by AS Filipowski 2nd June, 2008

Who is that girl in that donate picture. Is it from an anime of any kind?
Posted by Nillo 2nd June, 2008

Filip: It's Excel, the eponymous heroine from Excel Saga.
Posted by Ricky 2nd June, 2008
Posted by AS Filipowski 3rd June, 2008

Thanks I'll check it out sometime.
Posted by DaVince 9th June, 2008



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