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GOTW #286 - Flyes Flyer
News posted 22nd June, 2008 by Knudde (Shab)  
After a slightly enlonged GOTW (Too busy to update on Saturdays, sorry!), Flyes Flyer captures the GOTW with 12 votes. Tied for second with 8 votes each is Directory Blaster and The Moraff Trilogy.

Click here to download the GOTW.

This week is kinda light on entries, so get to making some games and apps so we can have a HUGE GOTW next week! Your choices for this week are as follows: Parallaxer object, Combatant Lite, CLIFFALL - Treasures of the Lost Cave

Good luck to everyone in the poll!

Posted by OMC 22nd June, 2008

Wait a minute... how many games were up for vote? The Moraff trilogy made second??
Posted by Lachie Dazdarian 23rd June, 2008

Yes. Thank God I didn't won. Anyway, finally a GOTW I support 110 %. Flyes Flyer rocks my world!
Posted by Fish20 23rd June, 2008

I dont remember voting in this weeks gotw.
But it says I did.
Posted by Muz 23rd June, 2008

Phantom voters!
Posted by Codemonkey 23rd June, 2008

Me as well Fish20!


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