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GOTW #287 - Parallaxer object
News posted 30th June, 2008 by Flava  
Yes, an extension is this week's game of the week! We know about the technical difficulties of this week's GOTW, and we're looking into it. Hopefully you can all vote now. Congratulations to Andos on winning this one! And sorry about the GOTW image - I no longer have Photoshop.

Click here to download this week's GOTW

And here are this week's entries..

Aero City , MediaPlayer , Balding Overweight Man Custom Platform movement co, The Battlefield

Posted by alastair john jack 30th June, 2008

Looks fine Flava! n_n
Posted by Ski 30th June, 2008

And sorry about the GOTW image - I no longer have Photoshop.

You could have just asked me like Shab does
Posted by Codemonkey 30th June, 2008

Or used liji's GOTW generator!
Posted by OMC 30th June, 2008

O_o why was the BOM platform comparing demo in the GOTW contest? At least wait for the full demo... Does the thing automatically pick the entrants?
Posted by markno2 30th June, 2008

And why did I vote for it? o_O
Posted by OMC 30th June, 2008

You voted for it? O_o Why do you say why? Was it that bad?
Posted by Codemonkey 30th June, 2008

Posted by Cecilectomy 1st July, 2008

im burnt out yo
Posted by Disthron 1st July, 2008

JustinC commented on the page for this that it's just a graphical enhancement. But it seems like that's what it's meant to be.

Personally I think a good Parallaxing effect can add a sertin graphical charm to a 2D game. Looking at the demos it looks like it has some good potential.
Posted by Andos 1st July, 2008

Yes, this extension is definitely mostly a graphical enhancement. I don't know how collisions should work in this object since it could probably confuse people more than it would help. Like are you only supposed to collide with the part of the object that has a line length longer than the z-length? Or the whole object?


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