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DC'S Daily News: New Game: Trent 3
News posted 1st July, 2008 by Rikus  
Well back to the old type of news layout for now, i'll let flava or club make a nice cool scripted layout so the pictures and layout will stay the same on every resolution so we shall continue using this type of layout for now. On to the games!... Craig Tait has just submitted his latest Trent Turtle game! Fun platforming times await you!

Comments from the Craig:The third(and likely last)in my Trent Turtle platformer series. Trent has to get through each level using his platforming skills (Now he can double jump and wall jump, as well as butt-stomp!) and his special (luckily well fitted) shells.
Click here to go to the download page for Trent 3.

Ps. Sorry for the lack of updates folks, it has been to hot to do anything for the past little while, summer has hit Canada hard, but it should make for a nice summer filt klikcast (wich i have been working on:)

Posted by OMC 2nd July, 2008

I like both news layouts. I think it should alternate.
Posted by Codemonkey 2nd July, 2008

True that.
Posted by Klikmaster 2nd July, 2008

I prefer this layout! Don't use that "new" one it looks horrible!

And Rikus, I'm sure there are some nice spellchecking add-ons you can get for your browser
Comment edited by Klikmaster on 7/2/2008
Posted by Codemonkey 2nd July, 2008

Hey we took a vote, most people liked the "new" one. They can always just use one or the other when they feel like it.
Posted by Rikus 3rd July, 2008

Thanks for keeping me on my toes klikm, while i often should re-read what i write i do value your strong opinion on correct spelling it is unfortunate that time normally gets in the way of perfecting things, even if i had a spell checker
Posted by OMC 3rd July, 2008

I love how you're saying you value correct spelling and yet you put "i" instead of "I".
Posted by Rikus 5th July, 2008

correction what i said was "i value "your" strong opinion on correct spelling" again me personally i'm not bothered that much by I i, or a oopsy here or there. But what i am trying to say is that I do value people who are annoyed by that. Because of them i try my best to correct myself and dont get upset if peeps correct me. But it prob is going to happen again.
Posted by Ricky 12th July, 2008

i kinda prefer "i" to "I" even though it's incorrect. "i" looks nicer


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