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KlikCast Episode 8 Now Available!
News posted 14th July, 2008 by Clubsoft  
Rikus has just finished and uploaded the latest episode of KlikCast

This new episode features interviews with both Ben Mercer, and Jeff from Clickteam.

There are also video reviews of Iffermoon and Trent 3, a video feature with Jason Orme about his Arcade Machine, plus more..

It's well worth the watch, so check it out now.

Posted by Codemonkey 14th July, 2008

Go Rikus Go!
Posted by OMC 14th July, 2008

I downloaded it a couple of hours ago, but I've been converting it to MOV for my ipod and whatnot. I'm going to watch it when I can.
Posted by Codemonkey 14th July, 2008

I don't mean to be pushy but I think we set a record for the latest GOTW.
Posted by Clubsoft 14th July, 2008

Hmm.. 2 weeks
Posted by Codemonkey 14th July, 2008



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