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New Donation Page up and running!
News posted 15th July, 2008 by Rikus  
Clubsoft finished coding the brand new donation page. Be sure to check it out on the donation button on your left. Speaking of donations we received 2 donations one from Clickteam (thanks guys we love you all!) and Jacob, so be sure to give them a big thank you!

Well donation news is all fine but what about a game to spiffy things up? Hippy Codemonkey made a quick little game that lots of people are enjoying called Coiny Toiny!

Comments from Hippy Codemonkey: Story: One night, A black angry ball shaped guy broke into Robo Max's house and stole all of his cool blue coins! After a deep and complicated investigation, Robo Max found the lair of the evil ball! Help Robo max get through the traps, and collect the all the coins to get to the next room. Good luck!
Click here to go to the download page for Coiny Toiny.

But wait there is more! Club has been coding more cool stuff! Admins now have the ability to add recommendations stars to a game or download (check the download page were you will start to see them come up) It is a great way if we want to single out a game that is worth your attention. Anddd the DC now also has its very own moo server for everyone to enjoy. It is still in beta but the address is if anyone was wondering! Phew, all this news it is making me hungry, time for a snack!

Posted by alastair john jack 15th July, 2008

Awesome news!
Posted by Cecilectomy 15th July, 2008

Posted by Assault Andy 15th July, 2008

Wow! This is all awesome news I had better get recommending some games!
Posted by Ricky 15th July, 2008

Now we just need a button to show only the recommended games
Posted by Dr. James MD 15th July, 2008

Good stuff admins
Posted by Klikmaster 15th July, 2008

Oh yeah, now on a dedicated server TDC has the ability to run it's own moo server. Funkylicious!
Posted by Phredreeke 15th July, 2008

Lets hope people won't be PMing admins with messages like "Star plz"
Posted by Ski 15th July, 2008

Well, Ill thank them for the donations then

Thanks Clickteam and Jacob
Posted by Assault Andy 15th July, 2008

Thank you very much Jacob and Clickteam for the donations
Posted by Phredreeke 15th July, 2008

Lets say everytime Adam writes /rank he has to donate 1 to the site, k?
Posted by LIJI 15th July, 2008

Hopefully it will make him stop this disturbing habit. -_-
Posted by Ski 15th July, 2008

Haven't mentioned it in this news post so why are you bringing it up?
Posted by Aptennap 15th July, 2008

Thanks Jacob and Clickteam
Posted by Phredreeke 15th July, 2008

Never mind, it's fixed now
Posted by Flava 15th July, 2008

Oohh new smileys too !
Posted by LIJI 15th July, 2008

I adblock'd the red star so now it basically filters out /rank here.
Posted by LIJI 15th July, 2008

Flava you forgot to implement the Image smiley in the comment pages! ;_;

Ah, only works in new comments
Comment edited by LIJI on 7/15/2008
Posted by Ski 15th July, 2008

What's the point of the new stars? Isn't the normal rating system supposed to say what's good and what's not?..

I mean... it's really the admins personal opinion if a game is good or not, and not everyone will agree with that.
Posted by Phredreeke 15th July, 2008

Yes, we must have recommended star ratings
Posted by Dr. James MD 15th July, 2008

I normally think your opinions about the site are twisted and wrong Adam but good call there. Good call.
Posted by Hill Gigas 15th July, 2008

Lots of good stuff happening at the DC!
Posted by Marko 15th July, 2008

Big thanx to Jacob and Clickteam - good sports!
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 15th July, 2008

Hurrah for Jacob and our dearest CT! Hooray!
Posted by MJK 15th July, 2008

About that admin star system, I think it's a good addition. Many sites have both user rating and editor's rating, so this is in a way similar to that concept. Maybe it even should have its own column in the download section (narrow down the title colum width) with a sort functionality, so that when more games recommended by TDC get released, users could sort the list by that criteria. Like "honors" including both recommendations and GOTWs etc.
Posted by Velovix 18th July, 2008

Well this is koolness! I had no idea clickteam knew and cared about TDC, but i guess i was wrong!

(I've always wondered, what does that anime girl have to do with donations. I'm not insulting anybody.)


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