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New Project and Donations
News posted 17th July, 2008 by Rikus  
Well folks i'm glad all the support everyone is showing because we got 3 more donations today lets give a big thanks to: Shroomlock, Plooscva, and Mark Radon they all chipped in! Thanks guys!! (sniffleS) We have a new project update for ya today, it is Ravenclaw created by Jason Orme! Featured on Klikcast the game is doing great.

Comments from Jason Orme: You play as Fiona, a female adventurer who travels with her fairy companion Blink. During an adventure just like any other Fiona travels deep into a dungeon to find the Onyx stone, a rare artifact worth alot of money. It is said that if the Onyx stone is removed from its pedastal that a terrible curse is unleased on the Kingdom and monsters will reign the land. RavenClaw, an action adventure game with RPG elements and an arcade feel.
Click here to go to the project page of RavenClaw.

The GOTW page has (finally) also been updated. The Balding Overweight Man Custom Platform movement won with 17 votes. Congrats and say hello to the new entries below on the left side bar.

Posted by AndyUK 17th July, 2008

haha cool, the donators are listed in the donation section.
Posted by Codemonkey 17th July, 2008

That game looks bril.
Posted by Jason Orme 17th July, 2008

Thanks for the front page, Rikus.
Posted by Hill Gigas 17th July, 2008

Trent 3 isn't on the vote list!
Posted by Rikus 17th July, 2008

Posted by falkon 17th July, 2008

For the whole GOTW thing and you not having photoshop i remember LIJI made is a while ago

It may be just for you
Posted by alastair john jack 17th July, 2008

Big thankyou Shroomlock, Plooscva, and Mark Radon
Posted by LIJI 17th July, 2008

Why isn't XWrap in the GOTW poll? You allow extensions in the poll, why not other non-extension applications for MMF2?
Posted by Aptennap 17th July, 2008

Thanks for the donations guys!
Posted by Phredreeke 17th July, 2008

You should list the games competing for GOTW in the newspost, that way people can go back and look at which games a specific GOTW won against.
Posted by Codemonkey 17th July, 2008

I want to donate, but my parents don't feel the same passion about TDC that I do.
Posted by OMC 17th July, 2008

I want to donate, but that requires money. Of which I have none. And even if I did, Wii games and car restoration probably comes first.
Posted by Windybeard Games 18th July, 2008

Game looks awsome!


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