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New project update and Donation!
News posted 21st July, 2008 by Rikus  
First of Thanks to Fanotherpg for a brand new donation, thanks for your support man! (claps)

Alright in other news seeing Nick's latest rollercoaster project update really makes me want to dig out my old copy of Theme Park and play it!

And is that a train in the screenshot? Nice! This is a project i'm really looking forward in checking out (hint hint, nudgy nudgy;)

Comments from Nick: Yeah, i'm still working away at the game! In the last update i added a little control panel so you could control the lift hills and launches of the coasters. Now i've taken it out! It was pretty pointless and made the game more complex than it needed to be. So it's out the window now. Click here to go to the project page for Roller Coaster .

Posted by Ski 21st July, 2008

PRC is the most rank worthy click programming Ive seen around.
Posted by -Nick- 21st July, 2008

Thanks for the mention Rikus, it's really appreciated =D All that's really left in the game now is graphics and level design! And thanks of course to Fanotherpg for helping to keep the site running!
Comment edited by -Nick- on 7/21/2008
Posted by Fanotherpg 21st July, 2008

I want to thanks Clubsoft, Rikus and all other admins like Shab or Flava for their hard work and time spent over the TDC.

And -Nick- great work with this project
Posted by The Chris Street 21st July, 2008

Get Theme Park for the DS! I'm actually finding it pretty enjoyable Plus it should be very cheap these days...

This game looks great too btw
Posted by Attan 22nd July, 2008

Nice Fanotherpg! Thanks for donating!


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