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New Game: R.P.G. - Rocket Propelled Guts!
News posted 23rd July, 2008 by Clubsoft  
As Rikus is busy getting covered in paint and other sorts of building sundries, I thought I'd better post and update for today, and we have a new game for you..

Comments from Mark Radon: Finally, R.P.G. is finished and it's time to crack out the rocket launchers and have ourselves a Frag-fest! The spiritual successor to DeathMatch Arena 2, R.P.G. Rocket Propelled Guts! is a multiplayer deathmatch-based top-down shooter that supports up to 4 players on the same PC. With 8 spectacular widow-maker weapons, 11 jaw-dropping and diverse maps and 7 death-curdling game modes to challenge your friends at, R.P.G. offers weeks and weeks of multiplayer carnage!

Click here to go to the download page for R.P.G. - Rocket Propelled Guts!

Posted by Codemonkey 23rd July, 2008

This game is a classic.
Posted by Marko 23rd July, 2008

Then why so sad?? (and thanx for the comment!) and thanx Clubsoft for the news post! Image
Comment edited by Mark Radon on 7/23/2008
Posted by Klikmaster 23rd July, 2008

Good job Clubsoft! This game looks mighty fine.


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