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News posted 30th May, 2002 by Rikus  

Well after testing everything that could be tested we found a server that can hold our asp coding without crashing every couple of days. What does that mean? Well in "theory" you wont notice anything from the move. We will stay here on acoders for now and when's dns changes you will be brought to our spiffy new server. These changes can take up to 24-72 hours.

Posted by Smeech 30th May, 2002

zippidi do da
Posted by The Chris Street 30th May, 2002

Whoo! You get what you pay for mind XD
Posted by Rikus 30th May, 2002

Not true circy, our old server was very good and was the home for the dc 1 for a long time. It just could not handle this type of asp very well. the new server is actually cheaper then the old one, but works better with asp.
Posted by Joshtek 30th May, 2002

Gimme the ip, now now now!
Posted by Joshtek 30th May, 2002

Or do you want it to not have so much strain right now?
Posted by Rikus 30th May, 2002

No need to give out ip's, the database is still located at acoders and will move when the dns changes.
Posted by jast 30th May, 2002

No more crashes 8) At least I hope there won't be...
Posted by Joshtek 30th May, 2002

So is it from the same company..right?
Posted by DrJake 30th May, 2002

I'm glad to see DC will have (hoprfully) no more down time! Nice one Rikus! Oh, when that 'Who's Online' section going to be up, has Clubsoft started?
Posted by skn3 30th May, 2002

Rikus did you move to datastream then :D ?
Posted by Rhodesy 31st May, 2002

We are nice people at ;) ;) ;) (Shameless plug)


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