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New Game: Candy Capters
News posted 31st October, 2008 by Rikus  
First off, Happy Halloween to everyone who celebrates this spiffy holiday! And with halloween coming to a close we all can get ready for Christmas! That's right we are heading into the Winter months! (yay!) So lets start it off good then with a wintery game created by JRP called Candy Capters! In the game you are a penguin who has to collect some candy! Lots of stages and fun, check it out and let the winter begin!

Comments from JRP: This is a collect em up game where you play as a blue little penguin named pen-gun, you must collect all the candy canes while avoiding nasty traps to complete each stage and to move on to a new world. There is 5 worlds, 4 stages in each, 20 stages in total and a final boss battle againts a crazy snowman! This game is not perfect but i hope you get some enjoyment from it and if you want to know more bout the story go to about in the main menu.
Click here to go to the download page for Candy Capters.

Posted by surpreme ruler of castlevania.....JRP#3000 1st November, 2008

WOOP! WOOP! front page baby!
Posted by Marko 1st November, 2008



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