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Clickteam Christmas Competition!
News posted 2nd November, 2008 by Knudde (Shab)  
Well well, it seems that Clickteam and have gotten together to host a Christmas Game Competition! It's been going for a few days now, but you have until December 20th to get those entries in! The aim is simple, make a open source game for other people to play, and that can be uploaded to website. The full details on the compo can be found right here!

Posted by Wiiman (Evan) 2nd November, 2008

I loved Gamebuilder's Halloween compo. Really got me motivated, and helped my holiday spirit! I'm a bit of a grinch, but I think I'll enter!
Posted by Tropik 2nd November, 2008

Yeah! I like it
Posted by Marko 2nd November, 2008

Hmmmmmmmmm........ (pondering)
Posted by viva/volt 2nd November, 2008

I'd prefer a TDC one still, Vitalize games are a little restrictive .
Posted by Edron 2nd November, 2008

where do you get those images from? theyre a little bit better than ugly.
Posted by alastair john jack 2nd November, 2008

I don't really like these competition rules.
Posted by Muz 3rd November, 2008

I quite like the prizes, better than the usual. The rules don't really suit my game-making style, though.
Posted by -Adam McMillan- 3rd November, 2008

i don't like the vitalize restriction either, but i think i'll enter this time, just for fun
Posted by Cecilectomy 3rd November, 2008

there was a non christmas themed competition

peblos tournament of death!!!
Posted by Ski 4th November, 2008

What's the point in having GOTW if admin can't be arsed to do it? That really must make the winners feel special, knowing their GOTW was an inconvenience, or that no one wanted to do it. Perhaps Clubsoft should just program a bot to automatically do it
Posted by Rikus 5th November, 2008

Posted by Cecilectomy 5th November, 2008

whats done? theres a bot that does it now?!


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