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New Game: Sundown Shambles
News posted 6th November, 2008 by Rikus  
Love the name! Sundown Shambles is a new game created by 3kliksphilip The game pulls you right back into that halloween/scary vibe. Check it out!

Comments from Philip: Play as a confused person who wakes up to find everybody horribly killed after you and your friends got hungry and decided to eat strange mushrooms. Which of your friends has carved a trail of destruction through the game? Who will stop him? Are YOU a zombie too?!?! be sure to play the game to find out, because you can't be too careful, what with all of these strange diseases around nowadays.
Click here to go to the download page for Sundown Shambles.

On a different note Mark let me know about this forum topic were a game called X-Bomber received some letters from a lawyer because it is based on a tv show I believe, have a looksy at that right about here.

Posted by Otter 6th November, 2008

YAY! I remember this game coming out on Gamebuilder. Glad to see it submitted here!
Posted by nim 6th November, 2008

I'd be careful about saying they're "being sued" when they only sent the guy a couple of e-mails asking him to stop.
Posted by Rikus 6th November, 2008

Thanks Nim, fixed
Posted by Marko 7th November, 2008

Love the controls on this game, very nice melee attacks!


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