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New GOTW#304: Forgotten Lands: First Colony!
News posted 16th November, 2008 by Rikus  
Wow what a battle! But in the end only one can win! This week by 33 votes: Forgotten Lands created by Steven has won! Congrats Steven! Second place was Jeff Pwns II with a respectable 28 votes. Click here to go to the download page for Forgotten Lands.

And so this brings us to a brand new week of possibilities, who will win? Only time will tell! Malayalam - Island of Mysteries SpaceCry ** Evasion ** # Puzzle ** # Zombie Pwner **

Now here is something NeW From now on if someone wins second place and reaches more then 20 votes in a certain week this game will get the brand new -drumroll- Silver GOTW CUP next to his/her name. Because this will mean that still lots of people liked the game so we should give this person something to right? If someone already won a gotw before he will now receive a second/third golden gotw week next to his/her name. Now here is the deal I will honor everyone who won multiple golden gotw cups just dc mail me (i wont go searching for them), the silver ones will start as per today. Wow, alrighty, coolio! That's all for now, the next gotw week will be next Sunday!

Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 16th November, 2008

Great initiative Rikus!

Posted by Aptennap 16th November, 2008

Posted by W3R3W00F 16th November, 2008

AWWW.... Not Jeff Pwns 2?
Posted by W3R3W00F 16th November, 2008

What about a Platinum award? Awarded for winning GOTW 3 or more times?
Posted by Ski 16th November, 2008

I hope you checked the IP's of the people that voted
Posted by Marko 16th November, 2008

Jeez Rikus you are full of fantastic ideas this week! Kudos for the silver trphy idea, kudos for the multiple trophy idea, kudos for the timely GOTW posting...

....and kudos to Steven for winning GOTW in such a competitive week of gaming on TDC - well done mate!
Posted by Rikus 16th November, 2008

Thanks folks! So remember if you earned more then 1 gotw, dc mail me so i can add another trophy to your username
Posted by 3kliksphilip 16th November, 2008

Awww... there was no zombie pwner
Posted by Rikus 16th November, 2008

Whoops, added
Posted by Pixelthief 16th November, 2008

eh hope you got an email confirming razor is ambrosine, or you should take monster manor off the list
Posted by Cecilectomy 16th November, 2008

yes. that account was deleted anyhow. but still.

anywho! nice rikus! new silver medal idea sounds great. not too sure about the multiple gotw trophys. maybe just have a number on the trophy icon in the corner for multiple wins.
Posted by Phredreeke 16th November, 2008

I agree that Monster Manor shouldn't be running for GOTW, as it wasn't made by the person who submitted it and the original author wasn't credited.

I hope you checked the IP's of the people that voted

Two words: Proxy server.
Posted by Rikus 16th November, 2008

Whoops that one slipped passed me, not to worry already removed never intented to be on there in the first place, thanks for the comments folks
Posted by OMC 16th November, 2008

If someone eventually gets too many GOTW trophies, you'll have to switch to a number by the trophy icon.
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 16th November, 2008

We can have a competion and see who gets there first!
Posted by Muz 17th November, 2008

Yay, silver trophy!
Posted by Ecstazy 17th November, 2008

Good idea with the silver trophy!
Posted by alastair john jack 17th November, 2008

could go either way I guess?


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