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The Weekly Click #22
News posted 19th November, 2008 by Flava  
Seeing as I'm hanging around here a lot more now, I figured I'd bring back The Weekly Click and see how long it lasts! The last one was way back in February, but I'm going to try my best to keep bringing you updates every Wednesday from now on. Anyway, here is what I've managed to find this week!

  • Fallen Fox of Klik Forever has given everybody a small preview of the work he has been carrying out on the site. So far it is just a new layout, but hopefully we'll see more in the next few weeks. Click here to check out the new prototype design

  • Jake of SilverNova has posted a small teaser for the sequel to Jamie's Revenge. Titled Jamie's Revenge 2: Pebz's Revenge, the teaser image has the words "Coming Soon". Hopefully that means we'll be playing it very soon.. Click here to see the teaser image for Jamie's Revenge 2

  • This isn't exactly new news, but I haven't seen much about it here on TDC. Over at the Clickteam forums, a new online extension called OINC is being developed. It looks very impressive, and could very well replace MOO. You can find out more about OINC over at the Clickteam forums, and you can also download an early alpha build of the extension. Click here to view the OINC board at the Clickteam forum

  • GameBuilder has just made Nick their latest admin. In his introduction post he said: "..I will be terrorising the neighbourhood with my powers. And posting news when it comes along! It's always good to know what's going on in the world. The Click world, that is. I'll also try to keep up with making some tutorials to follow through in MMF2.." Click here to view Nick's introduction post at GameBuilder

  • If you have an update on an upcoming game, or some interesting news regarding the community, send me a DC mail and I'll happily put it in the next Weekly Click.

    Posted by Marko 19th November, 2008

    Good to see The Weekly Click going again Flava!
    Posted by Ski 19th November, 2008

    Good to see Silvernova are still on the go
    Posted by Ski 19th November, 2008

    Awesome advert on the klik Forever site
    Posted by AndyUK 19th November, 2008

    Woah awesome stuff.
    Fallen Fox has to actually invest some effort into the site now heh.
    Posted by Dr. James MD 20th November, 2008

    Yea, nice post RIKUS
    Posted by OMC 20th November, 2008


    Fun fun mountain gettin' all these coobeans updates at once!
    Comment edited by OldManClayton on 11/20/2008
    Posted by Rikus 20th November, 2008

    I'm lovin all the recent activity around the site, glad to see other admins posting on the front page to, yay!
    Posted by alastair john jack 20th November, 2008

    Thabks so much for posting this Flava!
    Posted by Marko 20th November, 2008

    You Admins seem to have been eating some "enthuiasm-beans" for tea lately, and this site is all the better for it!
    Posted by Bricnic 20th November, 2008

    The "Link to the forum" is actually just another link to "Click here to see the teaser image for Jamie's Revenge 2". :/
    Posted by Flava 20th November, 2008

    Thanks Bricnic - should be fixed now
    Posted by Dr. James MD 20th November, 2008

    to this kind of stuff though. Keep it up! :3


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