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Picture me this Returns!
News posted 22nd November, 2008 by Rikus  
First off, IT IS WEEKEND!! WOOHOOO! -Starts Fireworks- YEA!!!!!

Now lets kick it off with some cool news! I decided to bring the "Picture Me This" compo to the daily click. If you have no idea what i am talking about i suggest you click the link below, but i can tell you it is lots of fun!! In a nut-shell you have to guess the name of a game in a scrambled picture before someone else does! We had this before on the click-island forums and it was lots of fun. So here ya go, enjoy the weekend folks and hey submit some games to eh, we are running a bit dry!

*Update* We are now in Round 5 folks, all votes have been reset. Adam guessed the correct game in Round 4! Feel like beating Adam in a round of "Picture Me This" Then come on over! I also edited the rules a bit so you can guess twice a day! Click the link below for round 4! Step into the fun folks we are doing this all weekend long, round after round until the weekend comes to a close! -pops balloon- Woot!

Picture me this - Week 1 forum topic, round 5!

Posted by OMC 22nd November, 2008

Weekend! Doodlyhoo!
Posted by Ski 22nd November, 2008

I just sat here and went through every platform game T_T had no luck...
Posted by Marko 22nd November, 2008

Another great idea!
Posted by W3R3W00F 22nd November, 2008



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