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The Weekly Click #23
News posted 26th November, 2008 by Flava  
Here is the 23rd Weekly Click for you to look at - not much happening this week really, but here is everything I could find!

  • It's a known fact that all male klikers become daddies, and the next in line is Looney Billy Spleen. He posted a scan on the forums, and a few other daddies have posted there too (and Shab also revealed the name of his soon to be baby girl). Congratluations you guys! Click here to view the daddy topic on our forums

  • Melli Georgiou has revealed that the ImmunityCS content studio is being released tommorrow, along with a demo which you can try out. We reported on it a while ago, so it'll be interesting to get our hands on with it tommorrow. Click here to visit the Immunity Studios website

  • It's always nice to see new members creating games, so I've been very interested in Peko Falls lately. The game's creator Joellie has been keeping us updated on a regular basis, and has recently redesigned the character sprites and backgrounds. Click here to view the Peko Falls project page

  • One game that I always tend to post about is Tormishire, and today is no different! Progress seems to be coming along nicely, and James has posted an update saying that he is currently stuck for ideas on the fifth boss in the game. He also states that the "release really isn't too far off now". Click here to view the Tormishire project page

  • Posted by Ski 26th November, 2008

    Yay Joellie! I wonder how much more work gets done with female clickers? Multitasking in the events editor /sfrank
    Posted by Marko 26th November, 2008

    Good work, Flava
    Posted by Joellie 26th November, 2008

    Lol! Well actually one of my best points is that im an excellent multi tasker

    Im so excited, im almost done with the first level which i may or may not put up as a demo. I may just select a few people to do a good old test and see what they think. But since theyre mainly friends it will be biased ;_;
    Posted by Dr. James MD 26th November, 2008

    I'll be unbiased as hell
    Posted by Joellie 26th November, 2008

    Lol thanks, be sure to keep you in mind ^^
    Posted by Rikus 27th November, 2008

    Nice Flava, love the updates, keep it up!


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