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New GOTW#305: Malayalam - Island of Mysteries (Again!)
News posted 30th November, 2008 by Rikus  
People are STILL celebrating on the Island right now because Malayalam - Island of Mysteries has won GOTW -last week- and the party just keeps on going!

Since last week we did not get enough games to start a gotw, we are rewinding the tape today and looky here, lots of games to pick from! Excellent, so let me welcome you to a very special last week/this week GOTW selection! Click here to go to the download page for Malayalam - Island of Mysteries.

# Lake Queen ** # THUD ** # Master of Rope ** # Invatris ** # Bat SPAM ** # Frontier! **

Posted by Rikus 30th November, 2008

PS if you still pressed the vote button last week, i'm trying to get it back for ya, so hang in there
Posted by X_Sheep 30th November, 2008

Wrong title I'm afraid
Posted by Ski 30th November, 2008

Posted by Fanotherpg 30th November, 2008

And GOTW number
Posted by Marko 30th November, 2008

More top marks from me, Rikus - great to see GOTW being updated so regularly! Kudos!
Posted by Lachie Dazdarian 30th November, 2008

Master of Rope is leading. Oh, boy.

And why can't I vote this week?
Posted by MJK 30th November, 2008

Wow.. deja vu..
Posted by Marko 30th November, 2008

Can we not vote if we'd voted last week or something?
Posted by Rikus 30th November, 2008

I talked to club and we are going to do a total reset so everyone can vote, looks like 15 people are not able to vote right now so to be fair to all, everyone will be able to re-vote again tomorrow.
Posted by Marko 30th November, 2008

Posted by Clubsoft 1st December, 2008

Reset the votes, everyone should be able to vote now - anyone that has already should do so again


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