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Project Update: Turning The Tide
News posted 4th December, 2008 by Rikus  
Steve Harris is hard at working in finishing his latest game called: Turning The Tide. He has updated his project page with some more info, but this should be a really cool game folks, exciting stuff in there!

Comments from Steve:With the Allies surpressed and under heavy pressure the Axis are on the brink of the victory. However, a plan has been devised to turn the tide and bring an all out Allied victory. I've been working on a complete rewrite of the explosion and particle system and implementing this in to each and every level as well as updating the menu gfx.
Click here to go to the project page for Turning The Tide.

Posted by alastair john jack 4th December, 2008

It's good to see lots of updates
Posted by Marko 4th December, 2008

And of the quality we've seen too


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